WOT Express: Chieftain Mk. 6 Release at Tankfest 2024 or?

Recently, developers and supertesters have started rolling out Chieftain Mk. 6. The tank first appeared in September 2015 and since then has not undergone any changes.

And now confirmation comes that this is not just the case this year Chieftain Mk. 6 will finally be released.

At the moment, the tank has ambiguous performance characteristics. What stands out the most is the DPM of 3034, which can be overclocked to almost 4000 damage per minute! Most likely, after a fresh run-in at random, the tank will be weakened.


17 thoughts on “WOT Express: Chieftain Mk. 6 Release at Tankfest 2024 or?

    1. While being a great idea which I would absolutely welcome, it would lead to a T95/FV4201 spam in randoms, something most likely no one would want …!?

    2. T95/FV4201 should just be limited to Clan Wars and other such battles. No randoms for this T95/FV4201

  1. what does this has to do with tank fest? it is very rare for wg to release a tank so soon after it gets on super test, i would say this thing is going to be released at the end of the year or maybe next year since we still have that british medium to be released.

    1. Apparently the tank was marked as ”Urgent” in supertest, that’s what i read on some post previously about the mark 6.

    2. It’s British so if course is the only Tank Fest. So they will release a pay as you marathon for tank fest with a British tank

  2. They gave everyone a free Tier 9 tank (Patton Tank) so WG crapping out a Tier 10 for a marathon would not be completely crazy, however I expect Chieftain Mk.6 to be an Assembly Shop reward.

    1. If we guess there will be 3 Assembly Shops this year, they should be 4 months apart. The Obj. 452K was in late February, meaning the other two shops should be in late June and late October. And coincidentally, in late June we have Tankfest! So having Chief Mk. 6 as a Tankfest-themed Assembly Shop reward is quite a reasonable thought!

  3. DPM means shit when you can get slapped straight in the face by tier 8 gold rounds. I’m not even talking about its huge 60mm cupola, which can get pen by A LOT of high tier HE rounds.
    For example: 60TP, E100, S.Conq, Cent AX, Leo1, all tier 10 TDs, even some tier 8 can pen that huge cupola with HE.
    Its turret needs serious improvements, or its alpha gets buffed to 480+ with the same DPM.
    Otherwise, it’s not even skippable. It’s fcking trash.

  4. who tf cares, this would have been huge like 8 years ago, nowadays the avg tier 8 prem would outperform it

  5. Most tanks released of late have been spotted in and out of testing for at least 6 to 7 months, inc the BT-42. I doubt anyone of the current tanks spotted by tested, inc the new German light or Russian med is due anytime soon

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