WoT RU: Tier 11 Tanks Teaser

The release is scheduled for January 22, 2025.

The Mir Tankov team announces grandiose plans: next year, Tier 11 vehicles will appear in the game. Work on creating the first Tier 11 vehicles has already begun. You will be able to obtain them for free using the new early-access vehicle research system.

After almost 10 years, one of the WoT April Fools’ videos will become real on PC as well:

Console WoT has had modern tanks for 3 years, so it’s not a big surprise that Lesta Studio’s version of WoT has started experimenting with them as well.

In World of Tanks Console, vehicles available in “Cold War” mode saw action during the period of tension between the late 1940s and the 1990s.

Learn more about “Cold War” mode

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19 thoughts on “WoT RU: Tier 11 Tanks Teaser

  1. Wot RU: We’ve addressed tank rebalancing, modified maps, and now making their 11.

    Wot EU: Here are some more premium tanks now stfu

    1. It will probably be another warships case, like with superships which they are essentially tier 11, and well lets say it’s not fun going against a supership most of the time

      1. At this point, Lesta is showing us how lazy and greedy WG really is.

        I know it’s more common that a smaller studio tends to care about their players much more than a big company does.
        But that doesn’t make it less disgusting how WG is treating us right now.

          1. just now they paid all H2O, wildcat and vanoss absurd sums.. otherwise they wouldn’t even take those deals.. such a waste of money…

    2. Wot ru, eu Russian players are triggered. That they did not get that chaos flamethrower tanks along tier 11 despite majority EU players choose to got Transfer out of ru servers

      1. This is true I might move me and my klan to the RU server.
        So any boys who want to join my klan connect with me

          1. Russia WOT is still funding war in bad faith
            Any development there to try to keep their “funds to war” is outragous includes troll that support Putins

  2. I’m not sure how WG hopes to add modern tanks to WoT PC, high tier balancing already is a major clusterf*ck they don’t want to work on and they think they can add vehicles like the M1 Abrams or the T-90? They’d have to rework the whole game if they wanted any success.

  3. RU is getting all the cool stuff, their team is responsive, while EU is still taking 5 years to figure out a problem that’s pointed out immediately? I wish i could transfer my acc to RU.

    1. np.. already made acc there at RU servers and playing from scratch whatever… already after 4 months could spot WG incompetence and who was a problem behind the game all along…

        1. it does not matter any version of wot will be still bad if they not make a complete rework on EBRs.

  4. only an IDIOT would actualy PAY wargaming a cent when they have the LESTA alternative
    not russia bia, not war shit , just pure gaming
    LESTA pisses on WG on game development EVERY DAY and EVERY NIGHT

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