WoT: Battle Pass Season 13 – Points, Tokens and Dates

There are less than 2.5 weeks left until the end of the Season 13 Battle Pass. It will end on June 5 at 03:30 (GMT+3). Here are some nuances that we briefly remind you of.

The rewards for this season will most likely not be available in the future in any way, because… This is a special collaboration. For example, 3D styles from the Warhammer BP season never became available anymore.

— The current 13th season of the Battle Pass will end on June 5 at 03:30 (GMT+3).
– Collect your selective rewards manually from the current 13th season of BP (blueprints, training booklets) according to your preferred nation or nations, otherwise you will be given a default: Chapter I – 🇨🇳China, Chapter II – 🇨🇿Czechoslovakia, Chapter III – 🇬🇧Great Britain.

* Deadline: until June 5 at 03:30 (GMT+3).
** We recommend taking the training booklets from Czechoslovakia for the new LT sub-branch, which should be released in the summer of 2024.

— Equipment (optional) for the 13th season of BP 2024 also needs to be picked up in BP rewards.
*** Deadline: until June 5 at 03:30 (GMT+3). Otherwise, the equipment will simply taken away and will not be converted into any.

— Earned points for this season must be spent before June 5 at 03:30 (GMT+3)! Keep in mind that the store for points will open only after completing all 3 chapters of the 13th season of the 2024 Battle Pass. The points will simply taken away and will not be converted into anything.
We advise you to pay your attention to sets with bonds.

— Earned tokens for BP 2024 seasons (13-15) will be saved UNTIL December 21, 2024.
**** If you do not have time to exchange tokens for goods before the specified date, you will be awarded compensation in the amount of 100 bonds for each token.
Three BP tokens from 2024 WILL NOT carry over to 2025!

— For 3 Battle Pass tokens, you can get one bounty equipment of your choice in the “Items for Tokens” section in the in-game Store. Only 1 time per season. This option does not accumulate and does not go into the trail.
Therefore, spend 3 BP tokens once a season on bounty equipment of your choice.

— The new tank TT-130M can be acquired after completing almost all chapters of BP-13, including the improved progression. If you have already taken one of the tanks and captured equipment, then taking into account the improved pass, the second tank TS-60 can be taken in BP-15. If you didn’t take the TT-130M in the BP-13, then the TS-60 can be taken in the BP-14.

— By the end of the 13th season of the Battle Pass, all progress will be reset and accumulated progress points on the tanks themselves will also be reset. The Improved Pass and Progression Stages will no longer be available for purchase.

— In total, during the BP season you can get 15 tokens for free and with the purchase of an improved pass another 9 tokens. In a year (3 BP seasons), you can get a maximum of 72 tokens if you purchase an improved pass.

— Universal crew members for the Battle Pass have no time restrictions for recruitment.

— The new 14th season of the Battle Pass will begin ~June 5, 2024.

8 thoughts on “WoT: Battle Pass Season 13 – Points, Tokens and Dates

  1. Id rather play world of turnips than loose even more games at teir10.
    I think these suck bollworks not of my own

  2. Who cares if it ends? Worst association WG has ever done. Screw the “rewards”. Just give us something adult-oriented and not a kiddy game.

  3. Thought TMNT was very creative and the audio is fun. Well done. Okay here comes the “but” Steel Hunter and the like is more like bumper cars with guns. Big thumbs down!
    Different themes are fun and I am really looking forward to “Overlord” but keep the realism of the tanks and playing field. Its what makes you guys GREAT! Thank you

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