WoT: Call to the Final Frontier

May 2 through May 13
To the Final Frontier, Commanders! A mysterious alien Object stole the antimatter straight from the warp core of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Use your vehicle combat skills while competing with other crewmates to recover the antimatter and research the alien Object. Help the iconic flagship resume her five⁠-⁠year mission!

Recruit Iconic Characters

Free Mission Progress rewards include three iconic Star Trek characters: Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock, and comms specialist Nyota Uhura, all with custom voiceovers. Put them in charge of your vehicles in Random Battles!
James T. Kirk
James Tiberius Kirk is a master of bold moves and unorthodox solutions, and his charisma—especially tangible when he’s in the commander’s chair—motivates his crew to succeed against improbable odds. Comes with a unique voiceover.
Commanding officer, first mate, chief scientist—irrespective of his position, Spock is a specialist of exemplary efficiency thanks to his sharp mind, disciplined by impeccable Vulcan logical thinking which comes into its own in his cutting remarks. Comes with a unique voiceover.
Nyota Uhura
A child prodigy who blossomed into an outstanding linguistics and communications specialist, Nyota Uhura also demonstrates impressive command skills thanks to her natural eloquence. Comes with a unique voiceover.

Ride Your Rover Into the Mission Area

The mysterious alien Object is placing Antimatter Fragments in strange patterns on the asteroid’s surface. Use a remote-controlled Rover to collect Fragments before your U.S.S. Enterprise crewmates beat you to it, guided by Mr. Scott. Captain Kirk encourages healthy competition and wants to test the vehicles’ performance, so use your Rover’s abilities and power-ups!

Get Rewarded by Starfleet

Mission Progress rewards include unique Star Trek-themed content. Complete daily event missions and earn a 2D style, decals, and inscriptions, as well as three Commanders with unique voiceovers and an Orion Lockbox!

Get More Orion Lockboxes

Some precious items ended up in the hands of Orion merchants who sell them in lockboxes. The possible loot (a merchant word indeed!) includes ten armored vehicles from Earth’s past. Two of them were previously unknown: the AAT60 and the Nemesis.

Meet New Armored Vehicles

The two newcomers from Orion Lockboxes are both Tier VIII Premium medium tanks with very good gun depression values. The AAT60 combines great gun handling with solid DPM, and can sport the fascinating “Emissary” 3D style. The Nemesis has a very sturdy turret and excellent single-shot damage.

Scan the “Emissary” 3D Style

“Found this one when we were looking for that T95 we lost during field trials. The ground ’round the thing was…strange, wrinkled. Like it had been fried or something. And what a remarkable piece of equipment, this tank. Looks a bit like one of ours, right? But I heard Doc getting all excited about the ‘improbable alloy’ it’s made of—after he managed to chip a bit off the lower plate. Hope his ravings can stir up some of the top brass to get the tank outta our depot and into some fancy top-secret lab. Because I’m telling you, it looks like it can fly—or even more. You know, the little green men that built it—just for fun, inspired by our exotic designs—they might find its remote control and press some buttons.”

Get even more unique Star Trek-themed customization items!

Claim Twitch Drops and join a server-wide competition of four teams named after U.S.S. Enterprise crew members. This contest gives you access to “Incoming transmission” special combat mission chain, completed in Random Battles and within the event.

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  1. remember when you could just straight up buy the new premium tank? you know, without fucking rng between your payment and the new “content”?
    wot by now is closer to some fucking mobile “game” with this level of monetization than something that people would actually play.
    actually amazing how low a company can go

    1. Every country should have gaming laws like Belgium. Then WG could stick their lootboxes somewhere why the sun doesn’t shine.

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