Roulette at Bons online casino in Korea: types, rules, strategies (P)

Roulette at Bons Casino in Korea

Roulette is one of the most popular and recognizable gambling games in the world, and Bons Online Casino in Korea offers its players different versions of this classic game.

Whether it’s traditional European or American roulette, innovative options with additional bets or exciting games with live dealers – Bons Casino will find a suitable table for every roulette lover. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the types of roulette, the rules of the game, types of bets and strategies that will help you get maximum pleasure and profit from playing roulette on the Bons Casino website.

Varieties of roulette at Bons Casino

Bons Casino offers several varieties of roulette, differing in rules, arrangement of numbers on the wheel and additional options:

  • European roulette is a classic version of the game with one zero on the wheel and a more favorable casino advantage for the player (2.7%). The numbers on the wheel are arranged in a specific order from 1 to 36, alternating between red and black.
  • American roulette is a variant with two zero sectors (0 and 00) on the wheel, which increases the casino advantage to 5.26%. The numbers on the wheel are in a different order than in the European version.
  • French Roulette is a variation of European Roulette with the additional rules “La Partage” and “En Prison”, which reduce the house edge to 1.35% for even-money bets (even/odd, red/black, high/low numbers).
  • Mini roulette is a simplified version of the game with a wheel containing numbers from 0 to 12. The rules and types of bets are similar to standard roulette, but with a smaller range of numbers.
  • Roulette with a track (Racetrack) is a variant with an additional field for betting on a series of numbers (Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins) located on certain sectors of the wheel.

Bons also offers roulette tables with live dealers. The game is played in real time from professional studios equipped with high-quality cameras and equipment. Players can watch a real roulette wheel spin and communicate with dealers and other players via chat.

Rules of the game and types of bets in roulette at Bons Casino

The goal of playing roulette at Bons Casino is to guess which number or group of numbers the ball will land on after spinning the wheel. Players make bets on the gaming table by placing chips on the appropriate fields. After bets are placed, the dealer launches the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel’s rotation. When the ball lands on one of the numbered slots, the dealer announces the winning number and color and the winnings are paid out.

The main types of bets in roulette at Bons Casino:

Inside Bets are bets on individual numbers or small groups of numbers on the gaming table. These include:

  1. Straight Up – bet on one number (payout 35 to 1)
  2. Split – bet on two adjacent numbers (payout 17 to 1)
  3. Street – bet on three numbers in a horizontal row (payout 11 to 1)
  4. Corner – bet on four numbers forming a square (payout 8 to 1)
  5. Line – bet on six numbers in two horizontal rows (payout 5 to 1)
  6. Outside Bets – bets on large groups of numbers located outside the main draw. These include:
  7. Color – bet on red or black (payout 1 to 1)
  8. Evenness – bet on an even or odd number (payout 1 to 1)
  9. Dozen – bet on the first, second or third 12 numbers (payout 2 to 1)
  10. Column – bet on one of three vertical columns of 12 numbers (payout 2 to 1)
  11. Large/small numbers – bet on numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36 (payout 1 to 1)

Bons Casino also offers special bets such as “neighbor” bets (a bet on a selected number and the two adjacent numbers to the left and right of it on the wheel) and “final” bets (bet on numbers ending in a specific number).

Strategies for playing roulette at Bons Casino

Even though roulette is a game of chance, there are some strategies that can help players optimize their chances of winning and minimize losses. Here are some popular roulette strategies at Bons Casino:

  1. Martingale is a simple strategy for doubling your bet after every loss. The player continues to double the bet until the first win, after which he returns to the original bet amount. This strategy can be effective in the short term, but requires a significant bankroll and has high risk over long losing streaks.
  2. Reverse Martingale (Anti-Martingale) is the opposite strategy to Martingale. The player doubles the bet after each win and returns to the original amount after a loss. This strategy allows you to make the most of a lucky streak, but can also lead to significant losses if you have a streak of bad luck.
  3. Fibonacci is a strategy based on the Fibonacci sequence (a series of numbers in which each subsequent number is equal to the sum of the previous two). The player increases the bet according to this sequence after each loss and moves back two steps in the sequence after a win. This strategy allows for more controlled bet growth compared to Martingale.
  4. D’Alembert is a strategy with a progressive increase and decrease in the bet by one after a loss and a win, respectively. This strategy is less aggressive than Martingale and is suitable for players with a limited bankroll.

It is important to remember that none of these strategies guarantee profit in the long term, since the house edge in roulette always remains the same. However, using strategies can help players gain better control of their bankroll and make more informed decisions while playing.

Bons Casino offers players the opportunity to test these and other strategies in free demo mode without risking real money. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the rules, understand the features of different types of bets and choose the most suitable strategy before playing for real money.

In addition, roulette players at Bons Casino are encouraged to adhere to the principles of responsible gambling:

  • Set limits on the deposit amount, bets and playing time in your personal account
  • Do not try to win back after a series of losses and do not exceed the established limits
  • Consider playing roulette as entertainment, not a way to make money
  • If necessary, seek help from an organization to combat gambling addiction.

By following these guidelines and choosing a reliable online casino like Bons Casino, Korean players can enjoy playing roulette with comfort, confidence and high chances of winning. Good luck at the roulette tables at Bons Casino!

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