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13 thoughts on “WoT: “Postmortem Mode” Feedback

  1. It is good , but it would have been better if you could press a key to show the last shot if you really want to see it, because i don’t want to see it all the time.

    1. This! Exactly my thoughts. Sometimes that kill cam is interfering, if you want to check from where exactly you were killed or you want to type something in the chat. It should be triggerable separetely!

  2. In War Thunder I can understand since getting frags is all about hitting critical areas inside a tank, but in WoT where one can load gold and clown anything for a price a detailed killcam feed is optional at best.

    If WG cared (they don’t) they should spend time, money and manpower to address the game’s balance, which has been in an awful state for several years.

    1. You can’t balance that 95% of the players are sub 48%
      When WG make a powered tank wankstains like you complain it’s OP.
      It has to be OP because the WOT is so shit and won’t learn. So the only way to maintain improvements is to add better tanks…

      1. I fail to see the logic in your reply, what’s really wrong with this game is shitheads like you, who are absolutely incapable of addressing the problems of the game even when there’s an open test server. The old WoT forum was filled with people just like you and every time there was an event or new releases you and everyone else that’s just like was there just to bitch, moan and complain. The other guy was talking about the killcam issue, and look at your answer, you never even mentioned it, get real… Stop being a wankstain and shut the hell up.

        1. Who the fuck are you??
          WG cannot and will not balance the game because the players are not good enough and never will be
          That’s why OP are used to reward these shit players else they’d all leave.
          I presume you are 43% try hard player. Why not look in the mirror before tell me I can’t have an opinion you commie cúnt

          1. It’s not about your opinion, in your first comment you never had one, you just threw a bunch of nonsense at a wall without ever addressing the issue we’re discussing here, which is postmortem mode. And look at that, you made another crappy comment without addressing the issue… again, that’s amazing. And with that level of intelligence in display I’ll still indulge you on 2 points: 1. I’m not below 53% and 2. I’m certainly not a commie.

            There’s a player with your name on EU, and the stats show 47%, so when you say the players are not good enough you should include yourself in that category. You should really keep your stupidity to yourself instead of looking silly by typing comments like that.

            The other guy is right, WG doesnt care about balance, they pretty much leave testing to the community, on the test server, where everyone plays with a maxed crew and while firing premium ammunition only, how do you think the whole thing will reflect when the new tank comes to the live server? The tank needs to be tested properly, not tweaked around data that comes from performance values which only around 5-10% of the players on the live server will be able to attain

    2. Did you just assumed that WT is a balanced game (in comparision with wot)? Did you even play wt? People complaining about op premiums in wot never played wt.
      Sure, wot is arcady and simpler than wt but atleast it has some form of balance, which wt simply doesnt have.

  3. All ok, but …

    1. There is a bug that you can’t use chat after you get killed when it is loading all the information and animations.
    2. There is a bug that you don’t see the last hit, if you are the last tank destroyed. Thats pretty stupid.
    3. It should allow you to see all the hits (maybe even your own shots) and not just the one who killed you.

    1. There’s a modification for it – BattleHits! Sure, it provides 30% of all info you get from the Postmortem mode, but it’s very useful nonetheless.

  4. It’s also too fast, utterly bugged, claiming 5m distance while it was point blank, an obj277 shot me from a distance on a slope obj260 side armour where the display show my armour value better than then the ap value of the shot, so it’s utter fancy bullshit for noobs.
    They should have implemented the one on the mods that shows the last 3 shots.
    Anyway whatever WG implements from mods is always a lower quality or purpose than the one created for mods…

  5. Not being able to send chats while it is loading kills it for me. Sometimes info needs to go out asap. That’s why I turned it off.

  6. I have it turned off because I need to see where last shot came from and ping it on the mini map for the team.

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