WoT: Bond Shop Update

Items for Bonds

New vehicles are available in the Items for Bonds section of the in-game Store:





New customization elements are also available:

  • 3D style: “Swordfish” for the M-V-Y – 3000 bonds

  • 3D style: “Montu” for the IS-3 – 2000 bonds

  • 3D style: “Tiger Claw” for the WZ-114 – 2500 bonds

WZ-114: The Return of the Tier IX Hidden Tiger | Specials | World of Tanks

  • 3D style: “Marengo” for the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t – 2500 bonds

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t Marengo - rykoszet.info

18 thoughts on “WoT: Bond Shop Update

            1. I played it above gold league and there you rarly see players under 6500 wtr, which are decent players already. Now ofc retards stay stuck in bronze and silver denying the fact that its where they belong (just like u)..Again, I reacted to the statement “Nobody plays that shit”…by nobody he meant himself and other bots. Good players know how to get to the top, and have dedication to do so, thats why you see them up in tables..not the dummies like you. The mode is frustrating…yes…but thats the nature of competitive modes. You are good, you gain, you are not good…you cry on the internets.

  1. No news, just a surprise addition huh!! Well the 252U is a good pic for bonds. Unfortunately, I already have the Defender, so not going to get this as a copy, but for F2P accounts, best/solid T8 premium pick by far for bonds.

    1. well, this will end in much more Defenders (or 252Us) driving around, making the lives of tiers lower than tier 8 much more unpleasant, even if the gun of the 252U won’t hit them.

      1. Anyone who wants the defender has had many opportunities to buy it already. Plus there’s far better meta tanks available now

      2. BZ-176 already eats tier 8s for breakfast and there’s no point talking about lower tiers. Obj 252U isn’t going to do any meaningful difference

    1. I think selling tier 9 premium tanks for bonds is a bad move in general. Btw I spent more on that obj.268 VV and it’s stupid.

      1. making anything reachable above your current highest tier is a bad thing in general. if somebody just made their account dont let them buy a fucking tier 8-9 tank right away. they could do it with the collectors vehicles, they could have done the same with premiums, if they gave a single fuck about the game’s health.

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