World of Tanks is launching an event timed to coincide with the release of the second part of the movie “Dune” (P)

Virtual reality is ready to intertwine with the world of cinematography. Started exciting events in World of Tanks, dedicated to the release of the movie “Dune: Part Two”. The iconic movie becomes part of the gaming world, and now all WOT users will be able to immerse themselves in a unique gameplay, revealing the mystery and atmosphere of this epic picture.

A unique event and an unusual battle pass

Wargaming and Legendary Entertainment announce an exciting recreation of the fantasy universe “Dune” in the popular games World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz and World of Tanks Modern Armor. From mid-February to early April, players will be able to dive into unique in-game events with a variety of mechanics and exclusive rewards created specifically for each platform. Gamers will have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of “Dune” and add a touch of the legendary sci-fi universe to gameplay.

Players expect that the new event will not be like the others in terms of financial component. Previously, many complained that the events pull a lot of money from players, comparing the company to an online casino. But even casinos offer no-deposit bonuses, according to, while WoT does not offer free access or trial tanks.

World of Tanks Modern Armor offers viewers a unique gaming experience full of intrigue and intense battles. Players will have the opportunity to join a time-limited community divided into three epochal stages, each promising exciting adventures and unique challenges, as well as content with exclusive themed rewards from the “Dune: Part Two” universe.

Specifically for this event, players will have the opportunity to invite the most iconic “Dune” characters as commanders of the explored tanks. The loyal and powerful Warrior Sardaukar, the swift and elusive Gurney Galleck and the dreaded “Beast” Rabban will be important assets in the battle.

World of Tanks and World of Tanks Modern Armor are popular online multiplayer games developed and published by Wargaming. Both games are based on tank battles in realistic 3D environments.

World of Tanks gives players the opportunity to control tanks from different time periods, fight on historical battlefields and build strategies to defeat opponents. The game also offers modern enhanced graphics and over 500 unique tanks to play.

World of Tanks Modern Armor is a digital version of the tactical board game “World of Tanks: Miniatures Game”. This version of the title features a wider selection of tanks, so gamers can enjoy more elaborate tactical battles.

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