WoT Supertest: Rebalancing of Four Tier X Vehicles (Pz.Kpfw. VII, AMX 50 Foch B, Super Conqueror, Minotauro)

As we continue our rebalance work, we’ve identified four Tier X vehicles that require adjustments. Some have become excessively dominant over time, while others are less popular and need updates to their stats. By fine-tuning their characteristics, we aim to address imbalances and make your gameplay experience more enjoyable.

We’ll send these four Tier X vehicles and some high-tier machines in their branches to the Supertest. Our goal is to ensure that these refinements enhance your experience. Remember that vehicle characteristics may change after testing.

The Pz.Kpfw. VII: Enhanced Shooting Comfort and Survivability

This heavy tank isn’t typically favored for Random Battles due to its shortcomings in firepower and armor. We believe it deserves more attention and consideration. To make the XPz.Kpfw. VII feel more confident in close-range battles, we’re improving its:

  • Accuracy and aiming time
  • Penetration values for both standard and special shells

We’re also removing weak spots on the mantlet, aligning it with the VK 72.01 (K) and enhancing overall survivability.

The AMX 50 Foch B: Improved Autoloader and Dynamics

Our primary objective is to enhance the XAMX 50 Foch B ‘s autoloader to make it more comfortable and dangerous for opponents. We’re focusing on the following improvements:

  • Reducing aiming time
  • Decreasing dispersion after firing
  • Enhancing stabilization during movement and hull traverse.

Additionally, we’ll boost its maximum reverse speed and specific power. These enhancements will allow the AMX 50 Foch B to swiftly seek cover after utilizing the autoloader.

Surrounding Vehicles

To make these changes consistent with the characteristics of the surrounding vehicles in the branch, we will also adjust the performance of Tier VIII–IX French TDs.

We’ll slightly improve the vehicle’s reverse speed, aiming time, dispersion after firing, and stabilization during hull/gun traverse.

This vehicle will receive the same successive improvements, including slightly enhanced accuracy.

The Super Conqueror: Reduced Firepower for Fairness

The XSuper Conqueror is among the most powerful heavy tanks available for research. Their number in battles is significant and can greatly influence the outcome of any battle.

You know its strengths: tough turret, exceptional gun depression angles, and great DPM. It significantly influences the battlefield and operates well in any combat situation. As a result, the Super Conqueror boasts a high win rate in Random Battles and Onslaught.

We aim to temper its dominance without compromising its major strengths or play style. The Super Conqueror will remain a top-performing vehicle, but won’t determine the course of battle as much as before. To achieve this, we’ll slightly decrease its:

  • DPM
  • Reload speed
  • HP pool

This heavy will still enable you to showcase great results across various maps.

The Controcarro 3 Minotauro: Changes to Armor and Maneuverability

When the mighty XControcarro 3 Minotauro uses the terrain and exposes its cabin with the upper glacis plate, it becomes almost invulnerable. This heavily armored TD has a reputation as a formidable opponent and can frustrate many Commanders on the opposing team.

Our goal is to create a situation where it still remains challenging for lower-tier vehicles to penetrate its frontal armor. However, accurate aiming and higher penetration values at Tier X should provide a more balanced competition with this TD.

To achieve this, we will reduce the armor on the hatches and certain areas of the frontal projection to increase the chance of penetration. We’ll also decrease the Minotauro’s:

  • HP pool
  • Special HEAT shell velocity
  • Additionally, we’ll increase its specific power and chassis traverse speed and slightly adjust other characteristics. These changes will collectively make the Minotauro more vulnerable while retaining its strengths.

Surrounding vehicles

We’ll also make similar adjustments to Tier VIII–IX vehicles in the Minotauro’s branch to ensure consistency.

Its turret is relatively straightforward and lacks obvious weak points. So, instead of making the turret less armored, which could expose it to widespread penetration, we’ll:

  • Weaken the armor of the hull’s upper plate
  • Increase the chassis traverse speed and dispersion from the chassis rotation

This vehicle is known for its tough turret armor. To preserve its gameplay hallmarks, we’ll slightly reduce the armor of the lower hull plate. This will result in a decrease in the number of ricochets and non-penetrations. We’ll also slightly increase dispersion during the chassis traverse.

We’re confident these balance changes will create a more enjoyable gaming environment. Stay tuned and roll out!

9 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Rebalancing of Four Tier X Vehicles (Pz.Kpfw. VII, AMX 50 Foch B, Super Conqueror, Minotauro)

  1. Amazing such iterative changes takes WG an age to implement. Basically these are all the changes for the first half of the year… What about the changes they promised in 2023… The IS3 line never saw any buffs… a lot of old obsolete premiums are just forgotten… While everyone at WG is designing new loot box art or TMNT collab art.

    1. Couldnt agree more, small tuning iterations cant be that difficult. Also RU Server, although making some questionable changes, is way better in that regard. Shame

  2. One wonders why it took WG years to buff Pz VII while they addressed the issues with VK 72.01 H much earlier. Maybe because VK is a clan reward? Still happy Pz is getting some love though, I hope the changes will make it more competitive.

  3. Good changes! However, too little and too late… I remember when I started playing it back in 2015. It was so much fun! Shamefully, it turned into a tier 8 premium fiesta, especially that Frontline event. It’s been more than 2 months since I heavily started playing War Thunder and I have no reason or motivation to come back… Most likely, as the rumours say, WoT will enter in a stagnation (only maintenance) phase in 2025 and the company will just focus on the new CW Project. Guess everything has an ending…

      1. Why are you even here for and why comment then??
        Fuck off back to war thunder you biden pedo

        1. Morganator, like any other WoT veteran (who probably put heavy money into the game), is curios about every single change WG comes up with. It’s very hard to invest money, but most importantly, TIME into a hobby and seeing how that hobby is degrading patch after patch…

          You may not understand because you may be new. For example, many War Thunder players complain about their game, gameplay, state etc. However, for a new War Thunder player, like me and Morganator, those bad facts may not be acknowledged. Same goes for you and WoT. You may find WoT extremely cool and entartaining, till you know a good portion of WoT. After that, you will complain as well and be overwhelmed with disappointment.

          PS1 Your disappointment will be at its highest when you fire a 183 mm shell from FV4005 to an EBR enemy and the shell will magically get blocked by its wheels. Really?! A small 183 mm nuke getting blocked?! After that, not only did you spend 8.000 on that HESH shot, but you will also have to wait for like 22 seconds to reload the gun. Meanwhile, others will farm enemy targets and you will finish the battle with little or nothing at all. Till then, enjoy WoT as much as possible!

          PS2 There are two HUGE problemes:
          1) Not powerful premiums, but OP ones, that ruin both matchmaking and fun! Good luck fighting alone a BZ-176, Skoda T 56, Bourrasque and so on. Oh, you will say you and other teammates will flank. Let’s be real and say teamwork is a VERY RARE thing in WoT!
          2) That RNG stupid mechanic is as detrimental to the game as my first point. It’s not about missing pixel shots, but missing a fully exposed enemy after you stop your tank to fully aim. The longer the reload, the angrier you will get, trust me!

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