11 thoughts on “WoT: Assembly Shop Postponed

  1. How many millions did WG make from wot last year and they can’t even get the basics right.
    Incompetence beyond belief

  2. As told many times, this tank dont worth.

    WG know this and smell the fail.

    So made ufficial Buff to chatch the chikens and silent nerf (leaked, because chikens are they) to close the cage with chickens in.
    But this time they are so clumsy that better postponed at tomorrow than fall now…

    Bet they will change tank with a lot of “Sorry for That”, or re-buff (hope, so we will lol again….) or delete event (so we will looool a lot…)?

    My 50cent.

    1. what about them chickens tho.. ill take 2 of them chickens. any man who stands in my way is going the way of the chickens!

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