War-Torn Memories: 4 Best Nostalgic Military Games

As kids, most of us wanted to join the army. We were so passionate and patriotic that we found nothing better than this to serve our country. And how did we prepare for it? By being physically fit? Squats or crunches? No, we did nothing like that.

We played games where our brave soldiers kicked the hell out of bad guys. Even now, it’s pure satisfaction to beat the bad guys but back then, we couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Military games today are more advanced. They have better graphics, guns, and storylines. Even then, they couldn’t compensate for the old memories of playing IGI or Commandos.

Last night, I wanted to recall the forgotten memories. I installed Delta Force and trust me; I was over the moon. I thought that if I missed playing those games, many would too.

Here I am, writing about the nostalgic military games we played growing up. As a gaming geek, I played every game in my childhood. But in this blog, I’ll only mention those which I enjoyed the most, unranked.

Are you ready to have a blast from the past? If yes, then let’s get started.


Counter-Strike 1


Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines 2

Delta Force 2

Winding Up 2


Back in the day, everything was so simple, yet exciting. Even the smallest things could make us happy. Now, games with the best VX, gameplay, and storyline don’t suffice us.

The first game you surely miss playing should be Counter-Strike. A simple game with average graphics, but quality gameplay, this is what Counter-Strike was all about. Moreover, the maps were sufficient, but we’d get to eliminate a single enemy every time; terrorists.

We could opt for terrorists to get rid of counter-offensive forces. Personally, I didn’t have the guts to kill the good guys and I hope you did the same.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CS GO was the game-changer for this series. CS GO allowed the players to play with their friends, connected via a network. It became an instant hit in the gaming industry as not many games came with such features.

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To be honest, I had a love-hate relationship with this game. I adored the easy missions. But couldn’t control my nerves whenever I got killed. It felt as if I had failed my country. My mother would throw something to bring me back to my senses.

Nevertheless, it’s still one of the most enjoyable games we played in our childhood. The gameplay was good, the graphics were better, and the storyline was best. However, what stood out in the game was the sound quality. Be it voice, footsteps, or gunshots, sound was on-point in IGI.

However, being an avid gamer, I felt some shortcomings. For example, did Jones kill Ekk? Or was it Anya or Jones who defused the bomb? How did Jones and Anya escape the facility?

If you think long enough, these questions may trouble you. So, it’s best to leave them unanswered and enjoy the game.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines:

Released way before many of us were been born, Commandos had a special thing about it. It wasn’t a FPS and it made it so attractive.

Based on the World War 2 story, you’re leading a group of six allied men. The objective is to kill, damage, and take control behind enemy lines. Simple, no fuss, no drama, only action.

Moreover, you could take control of any of the six players on your team. It was something unique, yet difficult to get a hold of. Simply because at times, it was confusing which commando to select because everyone would be taking the heat.

Nonetheless, this game was a huge success and acted as a base for Commandos’ series. With each new game, gameplay, sound, graphics, and everything about the game improved.

Delta Force:

This game holds a special space in my heart. Simply because the difficulty was so easy that I didn’t die once in the whole game.

Once done with easy difficulty, I tried my luck and skills with hard difficulty. I’m proud of the fact that I managed to do 7 missions out of 40 without smashing my keyboard on my lap.

Anyhow, playing Delta Force was a pure joy. The fun increased with friends, as Delta Force allows 32 people to connect over LAN.

Winding Up:

Games like COD and Battlefield may reduce the charm of these games, but can they be memorable for us? Well, not like these games. Our childhood memories revolve around these games. Furthermore, I doubt if any game would make us feel like these games did.

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  1. Yeah I liked the commando games. You can still get them on free downloads GOG games. I played them again last year. They are still as “hard” as I remember them.
    The other games listed here never heard of them.

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