WoT Supertest: NC 70 Błyskawica

A brand-new vehicle enters the Supertest today: the NC 70 Błyskawica, a Tier X Polish TD. It is the first Polish TD to appear in the game and the top vehicle in the new branch of Polish tank destroyers which will be introduced in one of the upcoming updates.

The Błyskawica possesses a new mechanic: the damage caused by its rounds depends on the distance from the target (it decreases the further away you are). This mechanic is active for the standard and special rounds, but not for the HE round. It prompts the player to stay close to the enemy in battle and makes playing in the NC 70 rewarding—but also demands a certain degree of tactical awareness.

The new branch’s Tier VIII and IX vehicles will also have the mechanic. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

New Shell Mechanics

Deep-Rifled Guns High-tier Polish tank destroyers will be equipped with deep-rifled guns, unique to World of Tanks. Not only does this give the guns a remarkable appearance—it also allows them to fire unusual shells at a very high velocity.

Star Tray Shells A key feature of the new mechanics is the introduction of star tray APCR shells. They are most effective when shooting at targets up to 50 meters away. However, as the distance increases, the loss of kinetic energy means that the damage gradually decreases.


Ammunition Arsenal With the new mechanics, shells deal a lot of damage at close range, but are less effective at longer range. The third shell is a standard HE shell.

Interface Changes When using shells with the new mechanics in battle, you will see a special widget displaying the expected average damage based on your distance from the enemy if they are highlighted. As players approach their target, the damage on the indicator will increase, while with distance it will decrease. This feature helps make more informed decisions and use both shells efficiently.

How to play the NC 70 Błyskawica 
The average damage of NC 70’s standard and special round at a distance of 50 m or less is 800 HP. Together with its base reload time of 13.7 seconds, this gives the Błyskawica a whopping 3,504 HP of damage per minute, theoretically making it the champion among all Tier X TDs for DPM.

However, it won’t be easy to show results like this in practice. On one hand, the Błyskawica is well equipped to survive on the frontline (where it should be to maximize the damage it deals). It possesses good mobility (with a top forward speed of 45 km/h), while its nominal frontal armor is 200 mm with effective thickness reaching 310 mm and the vulnerable spots—the lower plate and the cupola on top—are relatively compact. On the other hand, the sides of this TD are pretty thin (70 mm), its hull traverse is slow, and the gun traverse arc is just 10°. These downsides make the NC 70 dependent on allies and require the player to constantly monitor their tactical situation.

The Błyskawica is by no means a single-approach vehicle. It can snipe if needed, with a base dispersion of 0.35 m per 100 meters and extremely fast APCR shells: the standard one travels at 1,700 m/s and the special one flies at 2,000 m/s. The latter is currently the absolute best value in the game, proving that the Błyskawica deserves its name—“Lightning” in Polish. Yet sniping is the “Plan B”, because the damage of both the standard and the special round slowly decreases with range (to a meager 300 HP on average at 500 m) so the damage per minute will be much lower in this case.

16 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: NC 70 Błyskawica

  1. This thing has 3.5k / 2.4k / 1.3k base DPM at 50 / 275 / 500 m, respectively.
    I assume its alpha drops to ~400 at 400m, so sniping at 400m+ only when you can’t do anything else.
    200m armor that is poorly angled means no armor against tier 10s.
    This thing with its current stats will be a hard one to make it work.
    Although, with that alpha + DPM combination, you can make them pregnant in no time at close range. 800 alpha with ~10.6s reload is just crazy.
    Shell velocity looks really nice but it doesn’t matter at close & medium range anyway, unless you’re shooting EBRs.
    Still, this thing looks interesting =)))))

    1. yeah, gives me Ho-Ri 3 vibes, where you have to be opportunistic with how you engage. The gun is pretty rewarding if you can play it right, given that the gun doesnt handle like shit

      1. Actually, it gives me the old SU-122-54 vibe. You just yolo everyone with your insane firepower and don’t give a fck if you die early =)))))))))
        The beautiful SU-122-54 was tier 9, this one is tier 10. That’s pretty much the only difference.
        Ho-Ri’s firepower is very good without a doubt, but it’s not even close to this thing at close range.

        1. Yeah but at the flip side, at any midrange engagement, it gets outclassed by ho-ri hard. Whereas ho-ri can snipe when the match calls for it, this thing will be feel so much worse in those senarios. Hard to say how balanced it is without testing

  2. It’s a PL-flavored Object 268. The armor is near worthless against HEAT, but at a distance it’ll be able to tank some gold APCR at least.

    Speaking of gold APCR, most Blyskawica players will only shoot that since it has no downsides compared to standard ammo (which is also APCR). It’s Skoda T 56 again, typical WG catering to the WN8 monkeys.

    1. ah yes the wn8 monkeys who shoot the objectively better ammunition to have better chances against rng, lmao how dare they

      1. That “objectively better ammunition” is plain pay2win, and nobody ever thought about complaining about this to WG, too busy farming fake WN8 to worry about how the game would develop due to unrestrained gold ammo abuse.

        Too late to do anything about that now so, keep padding those fake stats, ya people are the same as athletes who break records (and brag about that) after taking doping.

        1. you do understand what pay2win means right? spend real money to perform better. how is an ingame item that costs ingame earnable currency p2w? it was p2w, when you could only buy it for gold, a currency you mostly get by paying actual money, or i guess CW if you are one of the 20 guys who are interested in that. there is absolutely no reason why someone couldnt farm credits, with the amount of free premium days, premium tanks (when you dont have to pay to even begin the grinding lol), boosters given away. go play strongholds, literally the only reason there are players in that mode, frontline even if you are insane. its been slowly ten years since premium ammunition is avaliable to everyone, about time yall stop the fucking crying.

          and nobody cares about fucking wn8 bruh, hasnt been relevant for the past few years but go off i guess, like the usual clueless fellas who still live in 2014 world of tanks.

          the amount of premium ammo usage is not the players fault but the developers, since they are the ones who made a simply better choice for a slight inconvenience, and making tanks that are balanced around those, or even stronger than the average prem ammo pen for that tier. or making tanks that have 0 chance of performing with the standard ammo, because powercreep, uptier and so on.

          go ahead complain to wg lmao, seems like you believe thats actually worth anything or worked like ever

          1. Sorry but your rant is a copypaste meme at this point. Yes, gold ammo is pay2win, doesn’t matter what currency is required for it. And WN8 is very much a thing in 2024, when people discuss the game many bring up their recent WN8 to back their opinions.

            As for who’s to blame – both. WG is to blame for creating such a shitty environment, many players are to blame for diving face-first into it without a second thought and for influencing WoT’s development with their behaviour. Gold ammo for credits? Everyone uses it. Armor not enough anymore? Overbuffed so it will resist gold ammo (while making standard ammo useless). Maps? Reworked to better suit armored tanks, leading to more frontal fights and more gold ammo spam.

            I don’t “live in 2014 WoT”, but I miss when the community was wise enough to reject nonsense. We rose as one to repel Rubicon 10.0, I guess that was a freak accident given what a lazy bunch of sheep the WoT community has become over the years.

            1. my “rant” (explaining why you dont have a point) is a copypaste meme, but you writing down the same bullshit, but longer this time is ok. we are done talking

              1. I know this is an old discussion, but as someone who plays for free there’s no way I can afford to spam gold like most of you guys do. So yea, it is pay2win, as in you have to own a premium and premium tanks to pay for your fake skill.

    2. A lot of tanks have that not only the Skoda t56, the most common combo is ap/apcr where the apcr is also always better in both pen and velocity. Only maybe a niche case of a gsor 1008 or t34 at really long range being better of firing standards

  3. Wouldn’t it just be easier for WG just to extend the tech tree instead of making fake tanks and fake guns

  4. A casemate TD with, judging from the told stats and pictures, unreliable armor and heavy penalties when shooting from distance? Combine that with no side armor, bad gold pen for TD, bad gun arc and slow traverse? Either the soft stats need to be near magical or WG will have to rethink some of the published stats, or failing that, this will not be very pleasant to play. I do not think the hypothetical knife-fighting DPM will be enough alone.

    The super fast shells would be extremely cool, if not for the fact that shooting at range kills damage and DPM, though presumable not module damage. A lot depends on how the alpha drop-off will work, though it’s presumably linear.

    As things stand, the obvious comparisons, Obj. 268 and WZ-113G FT, look just straight up better.

  5. Ugh, they reduced the crap out of the single shot damage.
    In the video i think i remember it taking over a third of the maus’s hitpoints.
    They need to increase the alpha by 50% and make the reload 50% longer, maybe slight DPM nerf in exchange for better alpha.

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