Project CW: 1st Closed Alpha Test

DATES: January 17, 16:00 — February 1, 05:00 (UTC+3) 2024. Operation of game servers: 24/7.

There had already been tests before, but they were called differently.

What will be tested:

• New agents (+tank): Kent, Akira

• A tutorial (training) was made for beginners when playing the game [1 iteration]

• Improved lighting, mode selection interface, HUD/UI elements, etc.

• 2D customization has been done (new camouflage and paints) [1 iteration]

• Major edits in HUD: updated the basic identifiers, the buffs panel. Sight for shooting — static aiming mode has been added. VFX has been improved to create smoke, shaders for drawing zones have been improved, and particles have been added to the thermal imager

• The animation of some characters has been updated and corrected

• Added voiceover cues for 5 characters

• Added a new game mode: “Domination”

6 x 6

At the beginning of the battle, one base will be selected for capture

The capture time of the selected base is 5 seconds

A captured base gives the controlling team 10 points in 1.1 seconds.

The team that scores 2000 points first wins

Respawn timer = 20 seconds.

The team that does not control the point gets a buff that reduces the respawn time (-12 sec.)

• The balance of agents has been changed

• Bug fixes and GPU optimizations

4 thoughts on “Project CW: 1st Closed Alpha Test

  1. I really hope this fails like other WG projects and they put more time and money into WoT.

    WG, bring the modern armor!

  2. well , I played 2 games of CW, and I think this game will bury WOT, a game I just will not play now.
    CW is like what Armoured Warfare was while Obsidian developed it, and that is a good thing for me.
    WG, don’t screw CW up, right now it looks like a winner to me.

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