WoT: tanks.gg Now Has RU Tank Stats

As of 1.23.1, tanks.gg now shows tank stats for different regions as well as RU-exclusive tanks!

Now you can check out the stats for unique tanks like the flamethrower Object 156 O or the new Assault SPGs like the Object 261 Version 5

Other interesting tanks which will probably never appear outside of “Mir Tankov”:

Object 261 Version 4 (Tier 10, USSR, TD) – (It has HE shells compared to the ‘Version 5)
SU-122V (Tier 10, USSR, TD with siege mode)
WT E 100 Squire (Tier 10, USSR, TD) – Golden Soviet Waffentrager
K-91-II (122) [Tier 9, USSR, MT]
Char Lourd AP58 (Tier 8, French, HT)
KV-4 Turchaninov (Tier 8, USSR, TD)
VK 36.01 KwK 41 7,5cm (Tier 6, Germany, HT)
Tatra T-III (Tier 4, CZ, MT)
Conv. Medium Tank T3E2 (Tier 3, USA, MT)
HT-130 (Tier 2, USSR, flamethrower)

8 thoughts on “WoT: tanks.gg Now Has RU Tank Stats

    1. Lesta World of Tanks is Russia War Development – Should not even be news and tank gg site should be sperated.

      1. “Lesta World of Tanks is Russia War Development”

        What is that suppose to mean exactly?

      2. I do hope the RU states ahould be separated to another page or list. It’s annoying too see a lot of “void tank” in the list.

    1. Probably when the waffentrager events ends as a sendoff. Assuming they ever give it back and the event rentals are a test run.

  1. That’s very cool! Nice job from tanks.gg’s dev team! I was very interested to see the armour layout of these assult SPGs, as well as the flamethrower arty.

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