WoT: Charioteer Nomad Soon to Be Released

Charioteer Nomad (🇬🇧Great Britain, Tier-8, TD, premium)
As we noted earlier in the post, Charioteer Nomad is being prepared for release. In principle, everything is already ready for it, including 3D style, sound and customization.
We expect a release in January 2024, similar to the event with T-832 (USA, Tier-8, HT, premium) this year.

Then it started on January 12, expect about the
No, this will not be a continuation of the collaboration with Dune. Dune will be much later in 2024 and not necessarily within the BP.
And right now WG is finalizing events for February.

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2 thoughts on “WoT: Charioteer Nomad Soon to Be Released

  1. Smells like the Progetto 46 Mars to me, although I doubt WG would put it in an auction simply because why would you bet a shit ton of currency for a tech tree tank copy. Maybe it will be yet another extra battle pass chapter, although I really don’t think it’ll be worth grinding it out.

    1. Probably a marathon tank like T832. Mars had meaning as people overbid like crazy to get it (so it was good for WG’s marketing goals) but a premium Charioteer is far less worthy of hype in comparison.

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