WoT: Summary Of The First Half Of 2023

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Update 1.19.1

A new branch of Chinese tanks with jet booster mechanics

Four vehicles added (from Tier VII to Tier X):

  • Level VII –  BZ-58
  • Level VIII –  BZ-166
  • Level IX –  BZ-68
  • Tier X –  BZ-75

Battle Pass – Special Edition: Judgment Day

Event time frame: from January 12, 5:50 CET, to January 26, 5:20 CET (UTC+1).

Workshop: Catch the lion – The lion is waiting!

From February 2, 2023, 18:00 CET to February 9, 2023, 23:59 CET (UTC+1)*

Steel Hunter

January 30, 2023, 6:00 a.m. – February 13, 2023, 2:00 a.m.

Auction: 121B Monkey King, K-2, MARS, FV183 (215), T54 Heavy

Day 5

The result: 

Minimum bid: 12501

Competitive offer: 14,900

Number of participants: 20,820

Day 4

The result

Minimum bid: ~330,000

Number of participants: ~40,100

Competitive offer: 372,500

Day 3

The result

Minimum bid:  22,000-23,100

Competitive offer:  25,200

Participants:  20,200

Day 2

The result

Minimum bid: 8,050 (possibly even at the starting price (8,000) if you bid at the right time)
Participants:  ?

Day 1

The result

Average offer:  28,500,000 credits
Participants:  ~18,000

The gods of war are coming to the global map

FROM FEBRUARY 13, 2023, 9:00 CET TO FEBRUARY 27, 2023, 9:00 CET (UTC+1)


Here is the full list of tanks that could be obtained:


Combat Tank 45 t



XObject 907

VK 72.01 (K)


Statistics, wins and rewards for the global map: Gods of War...

Update 1.20

Commanders, update 1.20 is coming! It comes with the sunny random battle map Clam Bay and a series of changes to improve gameplay balance in three other locations. We’ve also added a new Tournaments tab to the main game menu in the Garage to help you find and join the tournaments and challenges that interest you most. Additionally, the update introduces balancing changes that will affect many vehicles (including seven Tier X tanks) and brings new items to the Bond Items section in the game store. Have fun!

New Map: Oyster Bay!

Oyster Bay, which took second place on the podium during the 2021 Scout Mission, is being introduced to Random Battles! Here is a picturesque summer map 1300×1300 m in a tropical design, full of sun and vivid colors. In addition to the paradise terrain package, there are vast battlefields for all types of vehicles. Put on your sunglasses, pack your sunscreen and go explore Oyster Bay!


To make it easier for you to find and take part in the tournaments and challenges you would like to take part in, we have added a new Tournaments tab to the main garage menu. If you want to join the tournament, click the corresponding button to open the website and select a team or create your own.

In the new section you will also find a tab leading to current challenges. If you want to test your skills and take part in the challenge, click the appropriate button.


We are updating the characteristics of 27 vehicles of various countries, tiers and types, including seven Tier X tanks –  Centurion Action X ,  Т57 Heavy  ,  Rinoceronte  and others. We are also adjusting the parameters of vehicles adjacent to them in the technology branch and optimizing the efficiency of seven Tier VI and VII tanks. Depending on whether they perform on par with other vehicles of this tier, we have improved or reduced their effectiveness in battles.


We are continuing to improve the Random Battles maps and are making adjustments to three of them:  Airfield,  Steppes, and Mines. We have introduced a series of corrections to make the gameplay more comfortable for both teams.


Commanders! We’ve added more cool tanks, unique customizations, and Experimental Gear to the Bond Shop! Head to the Bond Items section in the in-game store to grab the following goodies: 113 Beijing Opera; Lorraine 40t; T23E3; increased bullet resistance and impressive 3D styles for 60TP Lewandowski, STB-1 and E 100.

Take advantage of more choice!

Purchase a vehicle with Bonds!  -World of Tanks

Battle Pass: New Season, New Rewards!

The Battle Pass returns in 2023 with Season X and a host of rewards! As always, you can complete stages and earn rewards, including Battle Pass tokens. Exchange them for various items and rare vehicles in a special section in the in-game store. It will feature two fantastic new tanks from 2023, so don’t miss out!

Three Leaf Clover Days are coming!

During Three Leaf Clover Days (March 16-22), World of Tanks celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in three ways: the Hidden Treasures online event, special combat missions, and the Green Light in-game event. During the latter, Emerald Chests will be available in the in-game store and the Premium Shop, giving you a chance to obtain rare vehicles. Every 50 chests opened are a guarantee of one of them.

Contents of the emerald chests

Let’s celebrate World of Tanks’ 12th anniversary together in Europe and North America

It’s been 12 years since your favorite tank game came to Europe and North America. Of course, such a special occasion deserves a proper party! So dress up for the party and dive into discounts, festive missions, addictive mystery drops, an epic challenge and more!

Update 1.20.1

Commanders! Jump into action with update 1.20.1! It includes an improved crew perk system and a new branch of Japanese tank destroyers. Additionally, this update will feature the launch of the Crimson Griffin Season in Onslaught mode, as well as a special monthly WoT Plus subscription. You’ll be able to experience random events and dynamic covers in the Recon Mission, coming later in May. And eventually you’ll be able to build your collection in the Battle Pass, as well as purchase new Garage slots with credits.

Reconnaissance mission: random events and dynamic cover

Random events and dynamic cover are part of the Scout Mission mode and will be introduced in May. Each of these brand new mechanics offers you a fresh gameplay experience and opens up new tactical possibilities on the battlefield.
Random events  appear at specific times in selected areas of four maps:  Safe Haven ,  Ruinberg ,  Prokhorovka  , and  Himmelsdorf . They change the environment around you and the situation on the battlefield. Use this to gain an advantage over your opponents!
Dynamic cover  consists of various moving objects (e.g. containers, concrete slabs, etc.) that can be used to protect against enemy fire. Read the article below to learn more about both mechanics!

Improved crew perks system

We are continuing to work on a comprehensive revision of the crew development system in World of Tanks. Now all perks are available immediately after starting training. Now the main qualification level will affect almost all feats (except Brotherhood in Arms). The higher the value, the stronger the effect of the feat.
We have removed the XP penalty for completing a battle with wounded crew members. Moreover, we have improved the clarity of the crew interface. Have fun!

New branch: Japanese tank destroyers

Six formidable Japanese tank destroyers are ready to roll into battle! All branch vehicles boast large caliber guns with decent damage per shot. Japanese tank destroyers are massive but maneuverable. They were designed to support a team from the second line of fire or assist heavy tanks on the front line. Take them for a spin to strike terror and steel bullets into the hearts of your opponents!
  • Level V –  Type 3 Ho-Ni III
  • Tier VI –  Type 95 Ji-Ro
  • Level VII –  Chi-To SP
  • Level VIII –  Ho-Ri 2
  • Level IX –  Ho-Ri 1
  • Level Х –  Ho-Ri 3


Onslaught, the competitive mode, returns in  Season of the Crimson Griffin with special status rewards! His return brings several gameplay improvements, including:

  • reworked vehicle role abilities,
  • two special combat modifiers,
  • two additions to the map pool: Airport and Glacier,
  • and a lot more!

Prepare your Tier X vehicles or choose one of the prepared rental tanks to fight for glory, honor and status rewards!


We are pleased to present  WoT Plus , a monthly subscription that offers exclusive benefits that increase your gaming experience and open up new possibilities. Thanks to WoT Plus, you will be able to use many amenities that will make your time spent on the battlefield even more exciting: training of crew members even without entering the battle, income in gold, one more slot for excluded maps and other helpful bonuses!

After activating WoT Plus, you will find the TS-54  American double-barrel premium heavy tank in your garage  ! This powerful vehicle will remain on your account until the WoT Plus service expires.

WoT Plus will appear in the Premium Store.


The 10th season of the Battle Pass presents exciting stories related to the fate of the season’s heroes. Stories are told through descriptions of various in-game content (such as crew members, 2D and progressive styles, and stickers) that are collected through basic and upgraded rewards. These items are  part of a collection . To complete your collection, complete the progress bar in the Battle Pass as usual!

For collecting the current Season Collection, you will receive additional Battle Pass tokens (maximum of three tokens in Season X). If you are unable to complete the collection in the current season, you will be able to do so in subsequent seasons by purchasing the missing items with Battle Pass points.

Call to Mars: Move Fast, Break Things, and Grab Prizes

From May 11 to May 22, your armored combat skills will be useful beyond Earth – on Mars. Recently, our orbiters detected a strong signal coming from the planet’s surface. We call its source Object. For now, all we know is that the Object is ancient and of alien origin. And this is where your role begins: approach the Object in your shiny Mars rovers, scan it from the research zones and earn points to receive your rewards!

Martian containers

Tank list:

Change: Spring cleaning in the garage!

The vehicle swap option is available again. Don’t miss the chance to trade in your veteran vehicles for new recruits while saving tons of gold on the purchase price.

From May 21 at 07:00 CEST until May 31 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), fast light tanks, versatile medium tanks, hard-hitting heavyweights and stealth tank destroyers can be yours by exchanging a Premium vehicle from your current collection .

Choose one of the participating Premium VI-VIII vehicles and half of the gold value of the old vehicle will be deducted from the price of the new one. The current list of vehicles taking part in the campaign can be found in the SHOP  and  RESEARCH sections .

New items available for sale:

Update 1.21

Interesting events, a redesigned Service Record page and other improvements – that’s all in update 1.21! Starting June 5,  you’ll be able to experience massive 30v30 battles on  Frontline , where we’ll be introducing a new desert map and several gameplay balancing tweaks. Steel Hunter Reborn , our edgy battle royale mode,  returns on June 12  with simpler rules and lots of exciting gameplay changes. We have also redesigned  the Service Record page  and introduced the ability to personalize combat achievements. Have fun!

Frontline returns with a new map!

From June 5 to 12,  Frontline will return to World of Tanks for its first weekly installment of 2023! Our epic battle mode will feature a new map called  Fatamorgana  , measuring 3×3 km in a desert landscape. The mirage is located in North Africa. It features a variety of combat zones, including a vast refinery, a rugged canyon, castle ruins, and other beautiful areas.
We’ve also improved the  Kraftwerk map . We’ve made it a series of balance tweaks that will make the game more comfortable for both teams.
On top of that, we’ve also made some improvements that will make your overall Frontline experience even better. Prepare your favorite Tier VIII vehicles and get ready to earn tons of credits and other in-game rewards!
World of Tanks - Frontline returns and 30 vs. 30 tank battles!

Steel Hunter Reborn

Our battle royale mode  returns on June 12  in an even more accessible form! Steel Hunter Reborn  is a dynamic take on the familiar format, but its rules are now simpler and clearer.
In the latest Steel Hunter update, you have the chance to jump back into the action with the introduction of the  respawn mechanic . This feature gives you more opportunities to try different strategies and reduces the impact of early mistakes. Steel Hunter has also made changes to vehicle balance and gameplay, which will make your experience better overall. Additionally, you can now face  marauders  – AI-controlled opponents who have unique behaviors and bring a new level of excitement to battles. You’ll be able to earn Battle Pass points throughout the event.
Your goals remain the same: to be the one who ultimately survives in this adrenaline-fueled battle royale. Prepare to fight to the last tank and become the victorious champions!


We’ve significantly redesigned the Garage Service Record page to make it more useful and informative. New parameters have been added to already known data such as total number of battles fought, average damage and win rate. You can now see your best assists and damage, as well as some other stats you can be proud of.

Instead of a personal rating, we introduced  WTR because it better reflects a player’s actual performance. You can now see it on the main page of your statistics in a refreshed graphic design. It will be divided into 15 mastery levels, each with its own style.

We are also introducing the ability  to personalize combat achievements . Now you will be able to see your most valuable medals and other enviable awards!


Commanders, Season 11 of the Battle Pass and its collections are just around the corner! You already know all the mechanics of the upcoming season: you can earn plenty of basic rewards and even more valuable upgraded rewards for good performance in battles.

In Season XI, you can already earn enough Battle Pass tokens to redeem them for rare Tier IX vehicles, including  the BZ-58-2  and  KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK .

And now the surprise! A new, seasonal Battle Pass chapter will become available mid-season  ! It will follow the same rules as the temporary chapter of Season VII. Stay tuned – we’ll share more information before the season starts!

No more Ranked Battles


Last year we launched Onslaught, our competitive mode with lots of new features and game mechanics. It is the spiritual heir to ranked battles and continues the tradition of fair and equitable competition in which the strongest players fight on equal terms.

We have already published two seasons of Onslaught, which introduced unique customizations and gameplay adjustments to the game. We have closely followed the evolution and player perception of this mode, improving and refining its mechanics after each launch.

We are currently working on the next season of Onslaught with qualifying battles and other improvements, which will debut in fall 2023. While Assault and its features continue to evolve, Ranked Battles are no longer compatible with our current competitive format.

With this in mind, we have decided to end Ranked Battles as of the next update. Ranked Battles classification (both on the website and in the game client) will become unavailable. Access points in the mode selector and all Ranked Battle interfaces will also be disabled.

Ranked Battles Shop and customization items

When a new update arrives in World of Tanks, the store associated with Ranked Battles and all exclusive items contained therein will become unavailable. However, we are looking at how to integrate it with Onslaught so that it can still be accessed. We also want to provide you with a new discount system and make  the X 114 SP2  Chinese tank destroyer available for purchase – a Tier X bond reward in the mode store. We will provide more details on the Ranked Battles Store transfer as soon as possible.

But before that happens, don’t miss your chance to take advantage of your personal cumulative discount and get unique items while you can!

World of Tanks - Ranked Battles 2020-2021 - season 2 |  MMOWG.net

Arcade Cabinet: Darkness of the Night

Night fell, turning the battlefield into a completely different place, dimly lit by the light of the pale moon. Who lurks there, so ominously shrouded in darkness? Who attacks from deep shadows and then disappears without a trace? Well, that could be you in the new Slot Machine mode called Dark of Night, which will be available from June 30 to July 2, and then from July 7 to July 9 via the Battle Mode selection menu!


16 thoughts on “WoT: Summary Of The First Half Of 2023

  1. All i have to say is, i came back to world of tanks this year around march and actively started playing since April.
    and i had an absolute blast
    i’ve unlocked 14 tier 10 vehicles, completed battle passes and extras, played frontline and everything else
    just pure fun and well, frustrations too but hey, its all part of the game 😀
    and the amount of learning and figuring stuff out was, and still is, a slight curve upwards if you are dedicated and willing to improve
    its just been a great experience overall for me. i did put some money in it – more than i’d like to admit.
    but hey, when i joined in 2011 i was still a kid, haha now that i have a job its a different story 😀
    great job Wargaming, i hope you keep this game great as always 😀

      1. Or maybe he’s honest and you don’t like it? The WoT community on social media (including this blog) is pretty delusional and thinks they with their endless whining represent the community as a whole. They don’t, for one rager who complains about WG conspiracies there’s hundreds of players who are only concerned with playing the game.

        If social media truly represented the community, WoT would’ve shut down before the COVID pandemic.

      2. its actually not bro, im honest. my in game name is srk1, you can find me.
        i have a terrible win rate but thats from before, and since april when i started learning game over again so that took me down too. i guess im holding up haha 😀

        1. good for you honestly dude, glad you can enjoy it.
          you will improve because you want to, so dont worry about that.
          have fun 🙂

        2. I laughed way more than i needed at this comment 😀
          yeah, im not that bad tho. im starting to improve.
          hey i was looking for someone to platoon with to coach me a bit? anyone?

    1. Agreed man, i returned earlier this year too. I also emjoyed my time. The game has improved undeniably. And off course it isnt a perfect game yet, it still has annoying arty players ande the BZ-176 is still broken. But we’re getting there.

      1. Hey but at this point the BZ 176 doesn’t even feel that it’s broken, like I can handle it on the battlefield like every other tank. I think of it in a way, if every tanks has ups and downs, his ups are high alpha and down is a reload time. So I work around it. It’s equally annoying to dig it out of the hull down position as it is with the tornwagen and t-832

        1. Semi-true. It has a reload that is quite long but its DPM is still good enough thanks to very high damage per shot. A T-832 and a Tornvagn may be hard to dig out but hit less hard. Yes its killable but too good nonetheless. Your positive mindset towards the BZ-problem however is to be admired. Maybe i take it too seriously.

          1. its been nerfed to the ground IMO, the “bz problem” nowdays i belive is overhyped. I remember when Type 59 came out and the reactions were somewhat similar – there are only a bit more crybabies who cant have it and those are the players complaining the most – and that tank was nerfed a lot and you cant see anyone give a damn if its on battlefield or not 😀


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