WoT: Loot Box Speculation

Possible Candidates for this Holiday Ops’s loot box premiums according to WOT Express include the: XM66F
“3. ISU-122-2 (USSR, Tier-8, TD, premium, mechanics of double-barreled guns) – loot boxes.* Can be replaced by: Object 752 (USSR, TT-9, drum for 3 shells,
Presumably, the original tank will be replaced by XM66F (USA, Tier VIII, TD, premium)

23 thoughts on “WoT: Loot Box Speculation

  1. it makes more sense to be the xm66, its older and had its third supertest iteration in the 1.23, the isu-122-2 is still in the first iteration which makes it very unlikely to be in the boxes but not gonna lie, i want that isu

    1. I agree, but they do twnd to drop in a surprise or 2 that did not go through sulertest. I think the BZ and BatChat were not supertest pruor to release.

  2. It’s funny how WoTExpress says this tank is possible to be swapped by that tank, but all CCs claim to know precisely which tanks are coming to the loot boxes and which are not.

    1. CC know about some tanks, but they might not know about all of them, because they play them already on their press accounts to create videos about the new tanks. Have seen someone playing the Tiger-Maus.

    2. What boo_the_poo said, also CCs probably know some inside info but cannot divulge it due to NDA agreements.

    1. MAUS120T
    2. OB 752
    3. BZ176
    4. K-2
    5. MARS


    1. Only complete morons want to see back tanks like Bourrasque, Progetto 46, Skoda T 56 and BZ-176. You don’t realize how many times you will play other tanks and get shit on by players in their premium OP tanks, you western useful idiot!

  4. you can see in the ingame stats of player CC_Fr3ddy (community contributor) that he played with Tiger-Maus, Type 63, Object 752 and XM66F recently. Maybe both Obj. 752 and XM66F will be in the boxes.

    1. How you can see the stats of this account? The stats of this account are not accessible for our normal player accounts. 🙂

      1. I just checked and it seems that I’m not able to see them anymore. Yesterday evening I found them via the ingame service record “hall of fame” (player search) but now these statistics are also gone for me. Maybe I was lucky to see them in the first place.

        I checked nearly every CC account yesterday, for most I found nothing but for CC_Fr3ddy I could see that he played these 4 tanks and also that MouzAkrobat_Test account played some games in Tiger-Maus.

        I don’t remember exact values, however their stats for Tiger-Maus were nearly on par in comparision to like the their E75 games for example.

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