WoT Supertest: Type 3 Ju-Nu

Ju-Nu, a Tier VI heavy from the new Japanese branch,

This is a relatively mobile heavy tank with a sturdy turret (that has a nominal 160 mm of armor at the front) housing a quick-reloading 88 mm gun that deals 230 HP of damage with a single shot. Playing in it, you will have to hide its vulnerable hull behind cover and terrain folds (the maximum gun depression angle is –10°.

With a decent base view range of 370 m and a 770 hp engine able to accelerate it to a top forward speed of 35 km/h, the Ju-Nu can partially fill in for a medium tank, especially in battles against higher-tier adversaries. Overall, the Ju-Nu’s gameplay prepares you for other tanks further up the new branch of Japanese heavies.

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