Read on to learn about the Salvage for Victory event in Update 12.11 and its rewards that include new ships Elli, Francesco Ferruccio and Defence, as well as the legendary Kitakami!

After many moons, X Kitakami will finally make her return! We’ve faced some rough waters on the way to seeing this unique ship on the high seas, which led to us choosing a unique distribution method for her. We’ll use the mechanic of the Salvage for Victory event that we tested in Update 12.9 as a way to obtain the VIII Champagne. We designed this event around the theme of cruisers to provide players with the opportunity to unlock new exclusive ships consecutively for Coal, Steel, and Research Points. There will be no limits on the usage of any of these resources. Additionally, you will be able to use some of your World of Warships Premium Time to complete up to 16 stages of this event at any point.

Please keep in mind that due to the unique nature of Kitakami’s gameplay and status, we’re re-introducing her primarily with our long-term players in mind who collect ships and already accumulated a large amount of resources in the game. Truly avid collectors can complete an extra 20 stages to obtain a camouflage for Kitakami and Memorable Flags for all four ships included in the event.

The event will start on the second week of Update 12.11 and will come to an end with the release of Update 13.1.

Event Rewards

  • 4 Santa’s Big Gift containers will be your reward at the 3rd Stage!

Santa’s Big Gift containers have a wealth of prizes, you can find more information about their composition in the following DevBlog.

  • VI Elli will be your reward at the 8th Stage!

Elli is armed with eight 152mm guns that have excellent range and firing ballistics. She can rapidly redeploy and hold range with a high maximum speed of 37.7 knots. Should Elli need to close the distance, each side boasts three fast-moving torpedoes along with spaced armor to protect her citadel. Her consumables are Hydroacoustic Search and Defensive AA Fire in different slots.

  • VII Francesco Ferruccio will be your reward at the 16th Stage!

The ship is armed with eight 152mm main battery guns with great firing range and an aft-end main battery turret that can rotate 360 degrees. She has access to HE- and SAP-shells with flat ballistics which allows for steady long range striking with her lower damage per minute. The SAP shells in particular have exceptional ricochet angles, which make them a highly reliable damage-dealing tool. Additionally, she is equipped with two quadruple-tube torpedo launchers that, while having a slower speed, make up for it with low detectability and a 13.5 km range. The ship’s weaker armor and health pool are offset by high speed and good maneuverability, as well as excellent concealment. She has access to Exhaust Smoke Generator and can choose between Fighter or Spotting Aircraft.

  • X Defence will be your reward at the 40th Stage!

Defence is armed with six 356mm main battery guns located on the bow of the ship which deal powerful damage per shell. Her British HE shells have a high penetration and fire chance while the AP shells have improved ricochet angles. The large caliber main battery guns are a threat to be reckoned with, despite their lower damage per minute. Defence is also armed with eight torpedo tubes (distributed evenly on either side of the bow) with wide launching angles. Her consumables are Repair Party, Hydroacoustic Search, and Short-Burst Smoke Generator in different slots.

The permanent camouflage for Defence will be revealed in the future.

  • X Kitakami will be your reward at the 80th Stage!

The legends were true! Kitakami enters World of Warships with a fearsome capability of launching heavy torpedo salvos albeit with a very fragile hull. Each side is equipped with five quadruple-tube torpedo launchers that are loaded one at a time. Reload times are low, so players can elect to launch torpedoes as they become available or to amass them over time to unleash a mighty wave of destruction! Fast, lower-damage 12km torpedoes are available, as well as the hard-hitting 20km deep water torpedoes, similar to those of Asashio.

Take care to keep Kitakami hidden with her low detection range and smoke generator, because a small health pool and very exposed citadel can lead to her fast demise if positioned too aggressively. She comes equipped with Exhaust Smoke Generator, Engine Boost, and Repair Party.

A unique and stylish Kitakami permanent camouflage and Memorable flags for each of the above ships will be a bonus reward at the 100th Stage! The permanent camouflage for Kitakami will only be available as a part of this Salvage for Victory event, so be sure to earn it while you can!

The appearance of the permanent camouflage for Kitakami will be revealed in the future. 

Event information:

The event has 100 stages in total, with each stage costing:

  • 2,400 Research Points OR
  • 1,700 Steel OR
  • 19,000 Coal OR
  • 60 days of World of Warships Premium Time
Items Amount of Stages Research Points Steel Coal
 All costs are NOT cumulative
  • 4x Santa’s Big Gift containers
3 7 200 5 100 57 000
  • VI Elli
  • Commander with 6 skill points
  • Port slot
5 12 000 8 500 95 000
  • VII Francesco Ferruccio
  • Commander with 10 skill points
  • Port slot
8 19 200 13 600 152 000
  • X Defence
  • Christmas Lights permanent camouflage
  • Commander with 11 skill points
  • Port slot
24 57 600 40 800 456 000
  • X Kitakami
  • Commander with 11 skill points
  • Port slot
40 96 000 68 000 760 000
  • Ice Peaks permanent camouflage for Kitakami
  • Commemorative flag for Elli
  • Commemorative flag for Francesco Ferruccio
  • Commemorative flag for Defence
  • Commemorative flag for Kitakami
20 48 000 34 000 380 000

To provide you with as much transparency as possible, we wanted to inform you about when you can expect to see the content of this event become available again at the earliest in the future:

Kitakami won’t be distributed in any other way for the next two years in-game after the end of this event (besides as a mystery reward for the Grand Admiral’s Edition of our Naval Legends: Cruisers campaign that was sold out already and is to be delivered in May 2024). We currently have no announced plans for her future distribution, but we will inform you about the topic when the time comes. As mentioned above, the permanent camouflage for Kitakami available at 100 stages will remain exclusive and only be available through this event. The other ships won’t be distributed in any other way for at least a year.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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