WoT Supertest: Type 57

Commanders, entering the Supertest is the Type 57: a researchable Tier VIII tank that begins the new branch of Japanese heavies.
Like its Tier IX and Tier X “descendants”, the Type 57 features the new double aiming (gun cooling) mechanic that increases its tactical versatility. After you reload (with the base time being 11.4 seconds), you can take your next shot immediately with mediocre dispersion (0.42 m at 100 m) and potentially get a higher DPM. Alternately, you can wait for the gun to cool off; the longer you wait, the lower the dispersion becomes (the minimal value, 0.28 m, is reached after 16 seconds). The one-time damage of the gun is 360 points, and its penetration is 225 mm for the basic AP round and 246 mm for the special APCR round.

The protection of Type 57 resembles that of classic Soviet heavies: it’s excellent at the front of its turret (300 mm) and hull, plus the upper glacis plate (100 mm) and the tops of the hull sides are angled, which will often cause enemy rounds to ricochet. That said, it’s better to hide the vulnerable lower plate and the lower parts of the sides behind terrain folds. It’s worth noting that the Type 57 has hydropneumatic suspension which automatically increases its gun depression angle from –8° to –12° when stationary.

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10 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Type 57

  1. why does a tier 8 tank require 300 millimeters of turret armor? why this game cannot fucking leave behind the hull down meta? one of the most stale and boring games on the entire fucking market. no game has this few actual changes to the meta and general gameplay during 5 years. player counts dont lie, even with the influx of players from the RU server, its still dropping, and it should. this game is being murdered by its makers, like halo, destiny, cod, battlefield and any game that used to be good

  2. There’s a solution to the hull-down meta…it’s called buffing arty. People like that even less though.

    1. Arty buff is not a bad idea…just my opinion, everyone would throw shit on me, but SPGs and HE (as dumb as they are) are the only real counters to the meta.

      1. People whine about arty because it doesn’t let them play comfortably, simple as that. It being the only major counter to hulldown meta though, you’re correct (the alternative is large caliber HE).

        1. The easiest thing is to just reverse the HE nerfs as there are a lot of high caliber guns in high tiers

      2. Instead of shitting on everyone’s face by buffing clickers, the better solution is make bigger maps that are not bloody corridors and have many ways to progress.
        Unfortunately, that’s too complicated for WG.

        1. Clickers “shit on everyone’s face” just the same as turbo heavies with impenetrable turrets “shit on everyone’s face” by spamming premium ammo. Is it so hard to accept or understand?

          And bigger maps are not complicated, but they’d go against WG’s marketing policies. Good LT and MT players already farm bad HT players in corridors, imagine what would happen in large open maps. Put simply, the disparity between good players and bad players in this game is too large.

          1. The problem of HT is “armor” , bad mobility and bad guns with low DPM. Average 9-10 Tier MT are superior to same tier heavy. Especially when most 10 tier shoot gold with 300+ pen.

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