WoT: Battle Pass Season XII – Claim Your Rewards Before the Season Ends

Battle Pass Season XII is coming to a close on November 22 at 01:30 CET (UTC+1). Don’t worry—you can still make the most of the Season and claim valuable rewards before it ends!

If you have participated in this Season, you can spend your Battle Pass Points and Tokens on valuable rewards, such as unique crew members, 2D and progressive styles, decals, days of WoT Premium Account, gold, bonds, credits, Free XP, Personal Reserves, directives, all types of equipment, and much more!

If you plan on grinding out the rest of the Season, the Battle Pass: Special Mission bundle is perfect for earning extra rewards while you play. Check each Collection to grab up to three bonus Battle Pass Tokens if you completed all three Chapters!


What to Do Before the Season Ends

Earn all of this Season’s rewards by completing the three main Chapters. But how can you make the most of the Season at this point? Here are a few top tips to maximize your earnings!

1. Invest Unallocated Battle Pass Points in Uncompleted Chapters

You can complete Season XII Chapters in any order, meaning you can easily pause a Chapter to start working on another one. If you play without selecting a Chapter or while a Chapter is paused, you will still earn Battle Pass Points , which can be invested in your selected Chapter.

Now is the perfect time to allocate them for great Base and Improved Rewards since all of your unspent Battle Pass Points will disappear at the end of the Season. Each Chapter has its own cool progressive style, and you can even get Bounty Hardening with the Improved Pass!

Spend your Battle Pass Points by visiting the Battle Pass interface and clicking the Activate Chapter button. Once activated, all of your unallocated Battle Pass Points will be invested into that Chapter’s progress, and you will receive rewards for the Stages you have already completed.

2. Unlock the Points Shop for Additional Rewards

Once you complete the Base Rewards Track for all three Chapters, you will have access to a new Rewards section of the in-game Store where you can spend all of the Battle Pass Points you have earned throughout the Season on the following rewards:

You have the chance to accumulate up to 7,500 Battle Pass Points from all three Chapters and spend them before the end of the Season. Unspent Battle Pass Points will disappear at the end of the Season on November 22 at 01:30 CET (UTC+1), so be sure to spend them if you want to receive your rewards.

Items for Tokens

You can accumulate Tokens throughout all of the Battle Pass Seasons of 2023 and you can earn 21 Tokens as Base and Improved Rewards in the Season XII Progression, plus three more by gathering the Collection. Items for Tokens can be purchased until December 20, 2023. After this date, you will receive compensation in the form of 100 bonds for each unspent Token.

There’s still time, Commanders! Complete your Battle Pass Progression and make the most of Season XII before it ends on November 22 at 01:30 CET (UTC+1)!

Roll Out!

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