WoT: “Proteus” 3D Style For Bofors Tornvagn In-Game Screenshots

Historical Reference
The object was brought to the range six months ago. Hermann was forced to sign a whole stack of papers before they let them even look at the wonder vehicle. And there was plenty to look at. Hermann is no rookie, but even he couldn’t figure out how its radio station worked. That’s not to mention the unmanned turret and air-tight seals like on a submarine.

The penetrated armor healed itself and it was a miracle. But the healing got slower with each new shell. He could feel the vehicle fading.

“They’ll kill it”, Hermann thought. “What a pity”.

He put his hand on a control lever, and suddenly everything went dark for him.

When he came to, he was already outside. He didn’t remember how he got out of the tank. The vehicle hummed like a high-voltage transformer. Hermann was a little shaky as if after he’d been electrocuted, and he could taste tar in his mouth for some reason.

“So that’s what it is”, he mumbled.

The hole in the tank’s turret healed in seconds, leaving a polished, mirror-like armor. Matte paint grew over the armor soon after.

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