WoT EU Supertest: Type 71 Detailed Stats

Type 71 (Japan, Tier-10, HT, premium, mechanics: automatic hydropneumatic suspension, gun cooling)

• Vertical aiming angles: -7/+20 | -12/+25 in mode
• Accuracy at 100 m: 0.40
• Accuracy at 100 m of a cooled gun: 0.27
• Cooling down of the gun after firing: 11.63 sec.

Siege mode:
• To enter siege mode: <10 km/h
• To switch to normal mode: >25 km/h
• Switch to mode: Automatic
• Tilt speed hydropneumatic. suspension: 10.00 deg/sec
• Coeff. engine damage in siege mode: 2.00

Average damage: 400/400/515
Average armor penetration (mm): 260/320/60
Rate of fire (rounds/min): 6,82
Loading of the gun (sec): 8,8
Turret Traverse Speed (deg/s): 37,55
Hull Traverse Speed (deg/s): 31,29
Gun elevation/depression (deg): -12/25
Aiming time (sec): 1,92
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,4/0,27
Average damage per minute: 2727
Strength (HP): 2200
Hull Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 120/70/40
Turret Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 270/140/50
Track Repair time (sec): 12,03
Weight / maximum weight of the machine(t): 60/66
Engine power (hp): 1050
Specific power (hp/t): 17,5
Max. speed/reverse (km/h): 35/14
Stationary vehicle camo (%): 4,45/0,84
Camo in motion (%): 2,28/0,43
View Range (m): 400

Crew 4 people: Commander (Loader); Gunner; Driver; Radio operator.
Role in battle: Versatile Heavy tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

22 thoughts on “WoT EU Supertest: Type 71 Detailed Stats

    1. Something, something, translation reasons.

      So yeah, the improved dispersion takes around 3 seconds longer than the reload.
      I wonder if it is affected by things like crew qualification, vents, food, gun laying drive…
      Assuming it remains the listed 11,63 seconds, the effective DPM on that would be around 2060.
      Which would put it in the bottom 5 of tier 10 heavies.

  1. Did WG model this tank as an early Type 74 MBT?

    And it has automatic hydraulic suspensions, nice. It’ll be STB-1’s big bro trading DPM for the barrel gimmick (IMHO a bad trade, STB-1 will still be the better alternative, it even has more gold pen).

    1. Unfortunately, STB doesn’t really have a reliable turret, and that makes a huge difference.
      That’s the reason why the UDES 15/16 is overall a better tank. It’s simply way more reliable, with both gun and armor, allowing a more aggressive playstyle.
      Its overall performance/requirements have proved all of this.
      There’s no reason the same thing won’t happen with this Type 71 since it’s pretty much a slower UDES 15/16 with better armor.

      1. Having a cupola is considered unacceptable by some, and both STB-1 and UDES have one, but STB-1 has a significant DPM advantage and can effectively trade health for damage. It cannot brawl as much as UDES can, but its potential as a frontline tank is still high and that makes it relevant in the game.

        1. Actually no, the UDES 15/16 has pretty much no cupola and its turret becomes pennable only for extremely high pen TD gold ammo while STB’s turret gets pen straight in the face by anything with ~300 APCR or ~320 HEAT.
          And who told you STB can trade? I’ve played the STB for 1k+ battles across all kinds of modes, and there was never a mode where STB is a trading tank.
          It’s a tank that can play hulldown but not against tier 10s and a lot of tier 9s. You need to be very cautious when peeking because it’s extremely easy to lose HP. You can’t really rely on its armor, you need to know how to peek, when to peek, what tank can you peek against.
          360 alpha doesn’t allow trading while 4k DPM lets you take multiple shots when they fired.
          The STB’s potential is very high but in the same time, it’s very hard to access to all of its potential. There’s a reason why such a high potential tank doesn’t have very high requirements and overall performance.
          We all know the STB can be a 5* tank in capable hands, but for most players, it’s more like 3* or even less.

          1. I’ll take this as advice and run with it if you don’t mind. 😀

            More seriously, STB-1 is one of the few Tier 10 tanks I’m willing to pay2play so some tips and tricks are welcome. Will take a more cautious approach when playing it.

            1. Even with that many battles played, I still struggle to do 4.5k+ on avg with the STB.
              Some games I feel like I destroy everyone like there’s no tomorrow, other games I feel like the most useless player in the battle.
              It’s not a consistent tank. On maps where you can go hulldown with all of your gun depression, it’s fine, you can do the things pretty easily.
              But as soon as you see someone with 320 APCR or 340 HEAT, you become a puppy that is afraid to peek because there is only about 80% chance you will take dmg before RNG decides to let you pen your shot or not. That’s the easy part.
              The hard part comes when you have to deal with a lot of HTs in any city map. I don’t even wanna talk about it, even Leo1 feel 10x better than STB in city maps.
              Because I like the UDES so much, I thought I would like the STB too since these 2 tanks look very similar with their stats.
              But oh boy how wrong I was.
              They’re similar on Westfield, El Halluf, maybe Live Oaks, Redshire and some other maps, but for majority of time, I struggle with the STB while almost always having a blast with the UDES.
              If you like the STB then unfortunately, you have to prepare your mentality because it’s seriously capable of making you mad.
              With the STB, there will be battles in which MM tells you that you’re absolutely worthless, then RNG haunts you to your afterlife, and you start to question your sanity.

  2. we have e5 probably it will dominate this shit
    Sconq will piss on it
    m4 after nerfs will shit on it
    basicly anything will crap on it except some tier 10 introduced in the last cuple of years

  3. So it’s 120mm UFP and 270mm turret. Now it’s so much more clear what this thing is good at.
    Tough turret with a cupola, weak hull, good gun, and avg speed.
    This thing will very likely get 0.16 base dispersion when moving or less.
    Tbh, this thing looks really nice right now, not OP but really strong.
    I think they will its DPM a bit.
    This thing as it is now will dominate all kinds of ridge lines. It will snipe any cupola if you can aim well.
    This gun is simply too flexible.

    1. I can see it, but its hard to say for sure without testing, Having weak upper hull armor is another big thing on ridges as tanks can be willing to over-peek slightly to pen the weaker upper hull

  4. They will nerf* its DPM.
    Being able to pretty much get a “no RNG” shot every 10s is an advantage that there’s no other HT has currently.
    That can easily lead to early HP advantage, allowing later overrun when you can simply push and kill them with your DPM.
    Yeah, there’s quite a high chance it will get DPM nerfed.

  5. You wankers are a joke.
    You cry about op premium tanks and that premium tanks should not be better than techtree and here we have a balanced teir 10 premium tank and you still cry.

    1. Unfortunately this is a tech tree tank. They always test these as premium. This is for the new Japanese heavy tree.

  6. Some key things we learned. (1) its hull armor is 120 mm thick and its turret armor is 270 mm thick. Very strong turret, but it does have a cupola. Weak hull, which I think is a good thing, will give more options to counter this thing on a ridgeline especially because we now know that this thing has (2) 12 degrees of gun depression with its suspension. (3) The gun cooling time is 11.63 seconds, and it might be boosted by food, bia, vents, etc. We don’t know that for sure yet. Still, its not terrible dpm if you really want fully accurate shots. More likely is that in an engagement, there might be a 4 second lull in the battle, or that you may decide that you are ok with waiting an extra 4 seconds to wait for a fully accurate shot. Again, very flexible gun. Last thing to note is that (4) the prem ammo is 320 APCR and not 320 HEAT like we originally thought. Explains the high shell velocity, and 32o APCR is not bad at all, much better than 320 HEAT

    1. With no equipment/food/BiA, the cooling time is 2.83s extra, not even 3s.
      In the current WoT, you just don’t use DPM that often, and when you need to, accuracy becomes irrelevant as you will be hugging your opponents in a close-ranged beatdown.
      This tank’s accuracy simply charges up before you need to fire in most cases. It’s a HUGE advantage.
      With this gun, it’s almost guaranteed that you will do dmg when they peek, of course if you aim well, just like the Leo1.
      The more I think of it, the more I feel like they will nerf it. And they might not only nerf its DPM, but also its accuracy.
      Having a tough turret and the ability to do dmg by the smallest pixel in the same time?
      Does anyone else thinks that it’s a bit too much?

      1. Tough turret with poor Dpm no. Impossible turret with poor Dpm yes. Depends on the other finalized weaknesses.

        1. I’m pretty sure that you won’t be able to pen this turret straight in the face with anything apart tier 10 TD gold ammo.
          And you also won’t hit that cupola unless you’re at very close distance.
          Its hull is not only very thin but the shape and angles are also bad.
          If its turret is not that good then it instantly becomes garbage as the whole platform is just shit.
          There might be a small chance that will happen though, because nobody knows what WG will do as they have put a lot of broken/worthless shits in the game =)))))

          1. Yeah from what we know, the turret is going to be impossible to pen with out high pen TD gold rounds. This is going off the blitz model though which has a completely different armor layout. The nominal value on blitz is 203mm on the turret compared to 270 on PC. Now we don’t know where that 270 is but even at 203 the turret is nigh impenetrable because of the turret slopes. In fact, the frontal turret shape is somewhat similar to the E5 and Renegade.

            I could see this thing getting a nerf for sure. It feels as though in the situations where you want DPM, aka close quarters combat, you dont really need the accuracy. And in the situations where you want accuracy, aka pot shots at range, you dont really need the dpm.

  7. I asume any change to its rate of fire will also mean a change to the gun cooling mechanic to keep the relation between the 2 about the same.

    Speaking of rate of fire though, i wonder if people will end up playing without Gun rammer on this tank, unless gun rammer also lowers the gun cooling time will it really be of that much use if you just end up waiting for the gun to cool down anyway?

    Turbo, Hardening Vstabs might be the way to go with this thing, depending on its dispersion on the move ofcourse.

    Either way im super excited for this tech tree, possibly the most interesting gimmick/mechanic they have come up with so far.

    1. I doubt people will drop rammer, you still want your dpm in close quarters brawling situations, you wont be waiting for the gun to cool every time

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