WoT – Halloween 2023: Event Guide

It’s time to visit Mirny-13 again, Commanders! For two weeks that include a certain eerie holiday—from October 18 at 08:30 CEST (UTC+2) through November 2 at 07:30 CET (UTC+1)—you will be able to explore the former research town and finally unravel the secrets behind the strange phenomena and the nature of Mirium. During the Mirny: Lost Hope event, new dangers await you, including several new types of enemies and not one but three monstrous bosses. And, of course, the rewards for brave explorers will match the increased challenge, topped off by a brand-new Premium Tier VIII tank!

Event Summary

  • Battles take you back to Mirny-13, an abandoned research town. The contamination by Mirium—a substance with unexplained properties—has entered its next stage. This has had a visible effect on the area and the strange and aggressive entities that dwell there.
  • Before the battle starts, you can choose from three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, or Nightmare. At the beginning of your campaign, you can only choose the Normal difficulty. Winning a battle on Normal will unlock the Hard difficulty. Once you prevail on Hard, the Nightmare difficulty will become available to you.
  • Fight as a team or Platoon of up to five players (Recon Squad) choosing from six specially adapted vehicles. Three of them are available at the start, and you can unlock the rest after completing certain Progression Stages or purchasing special bundles.
  • Combine consumables to empower your vehicle (and those of your allies). Match the gameplay specifics of different tanks and your tactics to increase your chances of survival.
  • Fight a variety of AI-driven armored enemies, each with their own unique behaviors, roles, and attacks.
  • Collect Mirium and deliver it to the special device called Magnus (shown on your minimap) before time runs out.
  • Once Magnus is filled with the required amount of Mirium, you will be teleported to a new Phase. Regardless of the difficulty level, there are four sequential Phases in a battle.
  • The fourth Phase of any Mirny: Lost Hope battle is a boss fight. The Immortal is the ultimate foe on Normal difficulty, and even more formidable enemies with unique abilities and tactics will confront you at the end of Hard and Nightmare difficulty battles.
  • If even a single player makes it to the next Phase, all the destroyed vehicles on the team respawn with 50% of their maximum HP. Survivors’ vehicles start the new Phase with 100% of their maximum HP.
  • At the beginning of each Phase, you will receive a random Anomaly that provides a unique bonus to your vehicle. The effects of Anomalies are not lost if your vehicle gets destroyed. If you make it to Phase 4, you will begin it with four active Anomalies.
  • While advancing through Phases and difficulty levels, you unlock Reels with encrypted information on the latest developments around Mirny-13 and the darkest secrets of this grim place. Decrypt Reels using Keys you obtain playing in the mode.
  • When you decipher a Reel, you also receive various goodies. Decrypting all 15 Reels brings you the ultimate prize: the Obsidian.

Difficulty Levels

When you join the event, you have access to the Normal difficulty level. Complete Phase 4 (the boss fight) on Normal to unlock the Hard difficulty. Once you deal with the boss on Hard, you will be able to set the difficulty level to Nightmare.

Regardless of the difficulty level, every battle consists of four Phases of increasing complexity. The AI-controlled opponents will get tougher and more numerous with each Phase. In Phases 2 and 3 on Normal difficulty and in Phases 1 through 3 on Hard and Nightmare difficulties, the Immortal will chase players.

Phase 4 is a boss fight, and the adversary you face depends on the difficulty level. On Normal, the players’ Recon Squad will face the Immortal; on Hard, the Corrupted M103; and on Nightmare, a [DATA REDACTED] enemy.

The Nightmare difficulty is just as tough as its name implies, so efficient team coordination is essential. Use the special tab in General Chat in the Garage to find trustworthy allies for your Recon Squad!


Mirny-13 has changed a lot since our last visit. Strange powers present there have been disturbed by the latest events, and now there are not one but three monstrous bosses roaming the twisted landscape. Which one of them the players will engage in Phase 4 of the battle depends on the difficulty level.

  • Normal: The Immortal uses powerful HESH shells dealing tremendous damage when they penetrate your tank’s armor.
  • Hard: The Corrupted M103 wields twin guns that reload fast and fire salvos of AP rounds that can even get through heavies’ armor plates.
  • Nightmare: The [DATA REDACTED] is fast and maneuverable, and often uses speed boosts. Its mass, velocity, and [DATA REDACTED] at the front allow it to ram opponents to truly devastating effect.

You will face each boss in an Arena: a small part of the battlefield surrounded by energy walls. Crossing these causes damage to your vehicle and can result in its destruction. In Phase 4, bosses are vulnerable, and you will be able to see weak spots on their armor. Use special ammo you picked up earlier and your vehicle’s special abilities to deal extra damage.

All bosses have an aura which will gradually sap your collected Mirium. Once your Mirium is depleted, the aura will begin to deal direct HP damage.

To beat a boss, your team must destroy it twice. After the first elimination, the monster tank will teleport out of the Arena, regain its strength, and return. If there were destroyed vehicles on the team, they will respawn too, with 50% of their maximum HP.

The Immortal will harass the team in its usual manner in Phases 2 and 3 on Normal difficulty and in Phases 1 through 3 on Hard and Nightmare difficulties. During these Phases, it will be invulnerable. Avoid its laser sight beam!


The Mirium-infused armored opposition is even more diverse than before, with three new types (Trapper, Lost, Corrupted) making their debut. With every incremental Phase and difficulty level, your enemies become more numerous and aggressive.


The minimap is an essential tool for successfully completing your mission on any difficulty level—and not getting distracted by the contorted hellscape around you. Plot your route and plan your actions so that you can deliver the necessary amount of Mirium to Magnus in time!

First Phase
Second Phase
Third Phase
Fourth Phase

Event Vehicles

You can participate in sorties into Mirny-13 in any of the six special vehicles able to travel and fight in this hostile environment. The Hornet, the Cerberus, and the Double are available from the start of the event, while the Legio Ferrata, the Malachite, and the Grenadier unlock when you decrypt Reels #1, #4, and #7 respectively. Alternatively, you can get the latter three as bonuses from special bundles in the in-game Store and the Premium Shop.

Phase Teleportation and Anomalies

Destroy armored AI enemies and collect enigmatic matter known as Mirium. It drops for each player individually: you will see only your own bits of Mirium, and no one else can pick them up—as long as your vehicle is operational.

Deliver gathered Mirium to a special Collector called Magnus marked on your minimap before time runs out. Once Magnus is filled with Mirium, your team needs to gather around it within the allotted time, and you will be able to teleport to the next Phase of battle. If you don’t reach Magnus in time to teleport with the rest of your team, your vehicle will automatically be destroyed. But this doesn’t mean that the battle is over—you will respawn in the next Phase, albeit with half your HP and zero Mirium.

With each new Phase, the AI enemies become more dangerous, but the rewards increase: the more Phases you complete, the more credits and Decryption Keys you earn after the battle. Remember that it will be more difficult for you to navigate in each subsequent Phase, so always be on the lookout, and coordinate closely with teammates!

Mirny-13 is an extremely hostile place: lone wolves do not survive. Only together can you make your stand against your opponents, so create Recon Squads and fight as a coordinated group! You should stay close to your teammates even when not playing in a Recon Squad for a better chance of victory.

At the beginning of each Phase, your vehicle will receive a random buff, or Anomaly. It will increase your effectiveness in combat and carry over from Phase to Phase even if your vehicle gets destroyed. In Phase 4, you will be able to benefit from four Anomalies.

There are nine types of Anomalies in the mode, and each vehicle has its own set of possible Anomalies.

Increases vehicle durability.
Increases engine power and turret traverse speed.
Improves crew performance.
Ceramic Core
Increases damage caused.
Hot Needle
Increases the chance to set an enemy vehicle on fire.
Vampire Bite
Can restore hit points upon causing damage by shooting.
Reduces gun dispersion during movement and during hull and turret traverse.
Machine Gun
Increases reloading speed.


To increase the battle efficiency of your vehicle (and sometimes of those of your allies) in Mirny-13, make sure to use the special consumables. Before the battle starts, you can equip three of the nine available for credits. Match the consumables with the abilities of your vehicle and your playstyle!

Temporarily sets enemy vehicles on fire within a 25 m radius.
Energy Strike
Causes immediate damage to enemy vehicles within a 25 m radius.
Restores your vehicle’s HPs by stealing them from enemy vehicles within a 25 m radius. Extinguishes fire.
Emergency Repairs
Instantly restores 400 HPs and an extra 300 HPs within 30 s. Extinguishes fire and repairs damaged modules.
Group Repairs
Instantly repairs modules, extinguishes fire, and restores some HPs to allied vehicles within the effect radius.
Energy Shield
Protects your vehicle from any damage except ramming, drowning, and impact for 7 s.
Magazine Loading
Provides instant reloading for: Hornet, Grenadier, Double, Legio Ferrata.
Cyclic Loading
Significantly accelerates the rate of fire for a period of time for: Malachite, Cerberus.
Makes your vehicle invisible to enemies for 15 s. Shooting or causing damage to an enemy will reveal your position.


Turbocharger comes for free for all event vehicles. It accelerates your vehicle for a limited time and increases the damage caused by ramming. This reusable ability has a cooldown and does not take up a slot.

When the Mirny: Lost Hope event ends, unused special consumables will disappear, with 50% of their credit value compensated.

Mode Economy

All shells and vehicle repairs in the event are free, but XP, Crew XP, and Free XP cannot be earned. For completing each Phase of a battle, you are awarded a fixed amount of credits which depends on the difficulty level.

PHASE 1 5,000 10,000 15,000
PHASE 2 10,000 15,000 15,000
PHASE 3 10,000 15,000 20,000
PHASE 4 (BOSS FIGHT) 20,000 20,000 50,000
45,000 60,000 100,000
Reels and Event Progression

The Mirny: Lost Hope event has a rich backstory contained on 15 encrypted Reels. You will receive these info packages one by one on completing certain Phases at different difficulty levels or on meeting other battle-related criteria.

To decipher the Reels (and get the additional rewards associated with each) you will need Decryption Keys which can be obtained from several sources.

  • Event battles: The number of Keys depends on the difficulty level, Phases completed, damage dealt, and Mirium delivered to Magnus.
  • Daily event mission: Deliver 100 Mirium to Magnus to receive 1 Key (can be done once per day in every special vehicle; up to 6 times per day in total).
  • Special bundles in the in-game Store and the Premium Shop: Keys come as gifts on top of valuable in-game items.

When the Mirny: Lost Hope event ends, unused Decryption Keys will disappear with no compensation.

You can decrypt Reels in any order after they are unlocked. For each Reel you decrypt, you will receive rewards that include event-inspired decals, Personal Reserves, days of WoT Premium Account, Crew Books, Retraining Orders, Battle Pass Points, credits, bonds, and other prizes. The top reward is the Obsidian: a brand-new Premium Tier VIII medium tank with an imposing exterior.

The Obsidian

The vehicle you receive for decrypting all the Reels looks like no other tank. It will serve as a reminder of victory over the final boss of the event to those who managed to beat the Nightmare difficulty level.

Along with a unique exterior, the Obsidian boasts a compact and sturdy turret, an excellent rate of fire, and good gun handling. Getting it is totally worth the effort!

3D Styles and More

During the Mirny: Lost Hope event, you can obtain a variety of awe-inspiring and macabre 3D styles in the in-game Store for gold. Three of these Mirny-13-themed 3D styles are brand-new:

Decrypt Reels #1, #5, and #9 to get your hands on the three special decals oozing (not literally) the twilight essence of Mirny-13.

Win on Hard and Nightmare difficulty to earn the badges, and decrypt all 15 Reels to receive the medal!

Good luck, Commanders! Play as a team, take on powerful enemies and bosses, uncover the secrets of Mirny-13, and earn the Obsidian and all the other great rewards!

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  1. sounds okish
    a little bit hard on nightmare as we can see on twtich but its defenetly playble
    defenely worth the fun

  2. I enjoyed previous mirny events. But from the waffen event where the average player was 43% I think this mirny event will be frustrating and too difficult especially for meagre credits and maybe a style that I won’t use 😞

  3. Hope there’s a way to buy the outright. Don’t want to spend all my time playing this mode for two weeks.

    1. Seems this time we can’t. We can buy as many decryption keys as we want, but almost all film reels must be unlocked by playing the gamemode, and without film reels the keys are useless.

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