WoT: Update 1.22.1. What’s New?

We’ve redesigned most of the in-game crew interfaces to make the entire system more useful, informative, and convenient. We’re also introducing the new Elite Levels feature which will highlight your wealth of battle experience.

And don’t forget that Halloween is just around the corner! Your exploration of the abnormal activities in the foreboding town of Mirny-13 is coming to its culmination. The final chapter of the Mirny trilogy features three powerful bosses, new and more dangerous AI enemies, and other changes. And, of course, lots of cool and valuable rewards! Get ready to participate in the battle against evil!


We’ve redesigned most of the existing crew interfaces to improve your World of Tanks gaming experience. It will make your interaction with crews easier, more intuitive, and more convenient at all stages. You can now:

  • Understand more clearly how the major qualification level affects perks and improves your vehicles.
  • Use several different types of Crew Books at once and combine them with Free XP for quick crew training.
  • Move or assign crew members to other vehicles with less effort, and filter your crew member list by various criteria.

Head to our dedicated article to learn more about these and other changes!


The Elite Levels are a new index of your experience with your favorite vehicles. This achievement system will help you show the World of Tanks community that you’re an experienced Commander and how well you know your vehicle.

Elite Levels only apply to Elite vehicles at Tier V and above. To increase your Level, play in any regular in-game mode and battle type. Depending on the amount of Combat XP earned, you will receive special Elite Points. After you reach a certain Elite Points limit, your current Level will be updated automatically.

After the release of the update, the calculation of the initial Elite Levels for all Elite vehicles will be based on their lifetime Combat XP earned—you won’t start from zero.

Find out more details about the Elite Levels system in our dedicated article.


Did you miss exciting adventures in the abandoned town of Mirny-13?

From October 19 through November 3, World of Tanks will host the final chapter of our supernatural Halloween trilogy. You’ll finally be able to unravel all the secrets of this sinister place and learn the end of the story.

Mirny-13: Lost Hope — Story TrailerMirny-13: Lost Hope — Story Trailer

The event’s mechanics will all be familiar; however, we’ve reworked some Anomalies (special entities that boost your vehicles), added new AI-driven opponents, and improved the remaining ones. Now they are smarter and even more dangerous, which will make the gameplay dynamic and thrilling like never before.

But most importantly, now you can fight three bosses in total, one at each difficulty level. The maximum “three-star” difficulty level will be pretty challenging, so team up with your friends and get ready to fight tooth and nail to reach the end and escape from Mirny-13! And win a host of attractive in-game rewards, including the brand-new Obsidian, a Tier VIII Soviet Premium medium tank! Don’t miss out and get ready to battle evil!

21 thoughts on “WoT: Update 1.22.1. What’s New?

  1. I get from reading it as the “backtracked from 1.22” meant is they changed their minds and its being removed from the pending changes.

  2. that sucks, i have around 69k in bonds and i want something good from the shop.. They should through the tanks from “rank” in there since Rank is gone.


  4. Issues keep going on, nothing getting fixed, and we’re getting another time-limited event that nobody cares about.
    But hey, at least we don’t get another balanced tank get nerfed for its “popularity” =)))))

    1. You are right + I cant still swallow that progetto nerf… I hate when they balance tanks thru nerfed gun stabilisation… the same on Kran…

      1. Yeah, the Kran got butchered too hard, as well as the M4 54 and many others.
        Typical WG moves, they’re absolutely trash when it comes to balance anything, from tanks to maps to MM.
        Tons of issues have been there for years, but sadly, they need to make more broken premium shits first.

        1. Who are the “many others”? Kran got hit slightly too hard (the reverse speed was the biggest nerf), and the prog got unnecessarily nerfed. On the flip side, the turtle got a little too big of a buff and you could argue the same for the vk 45.02 A. Other than that, I see very little issue with the numerous other tanks they rebalanced this year. Even the M4 54 is sitting comfortably after the nerfs.

          1. How comfortable are you currently feeling with the M4 54?
            It disappeared from any competitive mode completely.
            In Random it still can work but that applies to any tank, even Type 5 HT, AMX 30B, T-62A.
            The Kran got butchered, not “slightly too hard”. Its current form is among the worst tier 10s, bad DPM, bad gun handling, extremely poor pen. It has literally nothing apart turret armor and gun depression.
            A lot of tanks got overnerfed, overbuffed, or nerfed/buffed but not enough.
            The Turtle is an example of overbuffing. Even though I have no problem dealing with such an inflexible tank, I can clearly see how it destroys newer players’ experience.
            The nerfs to Chieftain/279e are far from enough.
            The list goes on infinitely.
            So many problems have been there for years, and yet they decided to do nothing.
            Why? We all know why.
            WG just sucks, there’s nothing can deny this fact, doesn’t matter either you’re okay with it or not.

            1. I play the m4 54. Its a well balanced tank now after the changes. Just because you dont see 4 on every team now means that its disappeared. The 3 mark is currently sitting at 4665, which is just below 60tp and above tanks like the 277, 5a, e5, 50b, etc.

              The kran is sitting at one of the lowest dpgs and wr among t10 heavies right now so it definitely was overnerfed. But its dpm is still decent (about as good as the kpz 70, although it cant mount a rammer), its still one of the quicker heavy tanks, and has a turret with gun depression. The only thing that holds it back is the gun handling and mostly pen. So its not in an unplayable state at all.

              The chief and 279e got hit hard and the mark requirements have plummeted pretty far. Still strong, but nowhere near as overbearing and honestly a lot easier to play around, especially with their shit dpm. I don’t even necessarily think they need to be touched upon, at least not in the near future.

              Just saying that “A lot of tanks got overnerfed, overbuffed, or nerfed/buffed but not enough” or “The list goes on infinitely” as a blanket statement really misses the point. I can probably count on my hands the list of tanks that I consider actually problematic in this game (at least at high tier). WG is pretty ass at a lot of things (map balance, monetization, crew rework balance, etc.), but these rounds of balance changes within the past year have been quite solid, objectively speaking.

          1. What a clown, you must have been farmed by those 2 tanks so much that you hate them with a passion =)))))
            Imagine getting outplayed by HTs xDDD

  5. Elite system looks absolutely useless, who thought it’s a feature the game needs? We’re already drowning in medals achievements and other crap.

  6. Elite system will have a single purpose for me : seeing in-game who’s playing their arty for thousands of battles, so I can immediatly add them to the BL. That’s it.

    1. Absolutely true, those shiny badges do absolutely nothing but indicating who is among the most disgusting players in the game so we can’t BL them without spectating their personal records.
      There are so many people who have played with a single tank thousands of battles yet never improve, so we can’t trust anyone having a maxmium badge next to their name.

      1. can*
        I guess I can’t claim myself as a mechanical player since I’m mistyping this often XD

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