9 thoughts on “Object 590 – Tier IX Reward Russian Medium Tank Spotted on EU – Pictures

  1. This tank looks absolutely dogshit.
    – no gun handling.
    – no gun depression.
    – either bad pen or bad shell velocity.
    – mediocre mobility.
    – mediocre viewrange.
    – close to no armor.
    – burns frontally as all russian MTs do.
    The only 2 okay-ish things that this tank offers are:
    – good DPM + reverse autoreloading = you’ll always have some in your clip. Its damage potential is high.
    – good camo.
    But what from that if you don’t hit/pen your shots anyway? Its gun handling looks like a nightmare for any kind of tanks.
    Good luck try to play in close range without armor and gun depression =)))))))
    In the end of the day, it’s an autoloader, and as all autoloaders, it can flank people and burst them out, so it might not be that bad =)))))))))

  2. This tank is not at all new, actually, I’ve seen one like half a year ago in a battle on Highway. Maybe I should start taking screenshots whenever I see these supertest tanks (especially old ones like this one, Obj. 752, etc.)

  3. World of tanks has gone down here the last 4 years I’ve played it since 2014 it sucks everything is super expensive and which is never meant to be like that it’s not even fun to play anymore you can’t go through the tech tree without having to sell the tank that you previously got to get the next one

  4. PC always gets better stuff and usually they get more the console ever gets I’ve seen so many updates on PC that we on console never get to see or try for that matter it’s b******* I’m sorry I’m not about to go spend five $600 on a game of computer

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