WoT: “Pojistka” 3D style for TVP T50/51

Harriers…have you ever wondered why they call us that? Why not hunters or, say, liquidators? It’s clear as day. The people at the headquarters who sit around giving orders to young fools like us, they think they’re hunters. Because, in the end, they get the trophies, they get the glory. And us, we’re just…we’re just chained dogs, always spoiling for a fight in honor of…let’s call it a “just cause.” But when it comes to the von Krieger family, I would think twice about nicknames. My last meeting with Max ended with six weeks in the hospital, and this scar is a gift from his “delightful” daughter. The question is, who was hunting for whom? At least this time we have some reasonable equipment. Four hits from my Gauss will leave a mark even on these “electronic engineers”. That said, nobody’s heard anything from the von Kriegers for a while. And something tells me that they haven’t exactly been spending this time at resorts…

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