WoT Supertest: Vickers 6 ton Detailed Stats

Vickers 6 ton (China, Tier-2, LT, premium)

Average damage: 50/50/65
Average armor penetration (mm): 45/70/23
Rate of fire (rounds/min): 18,96
Loading of the gun (sec): 3,16
Turret Traverse Speed (deg/s): 25,03
Hull Traverse Speed (deg/s): 50,06
Gun elevation/depression (deg): -8/25
Aiming time (sec): 1,92
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,43
Average damage per minute: 948
Strength (HP): 340
Hull Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 13/13/13
Turret Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 13/13/13
Track Repair time (sec): 12,03
Weight / maximum weight of the machine(t): 7,3/9
Engine power (hp): 92
Specific power (hp/t): 12,61
Max. speed/reverse (km/h): 35/15
Stationary vehicle camo (%): 14,19/3,51
Camo in motion (%): 10,66/2,63
View Range (m): 310

photo_2023-09-15_13-37-26 (2)
photo_2023-09-15_13-37-26 photo_2023-09-15_13-37-28 photo_2023-09-15_13-37-26 (2)

Crew 3 people: Commander (Radio Operator); Gunner (Loader); Driver.
Role in battle: Undefined.

3 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Vickers 6 ton Detailed Stats

  1. Wait, this is just the Chinese VAE Typ B with stock gun, turret, and engine (plus worse gun depression)

    But with elite VR, HP, and gun handling.

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