WoT Supertest: Pzw.39

The Pzw.39, a Tier III Czechoslovakian light tank, will be coming to the Supertest.


Historically, the model was an adaptation of the TNH light tank designed to meet the requirements of the Swiss armed forces.

The Pzw.39 has a decent power-to-weight ratio, as well as good top speed, both forward (45 km/h) and reverse (20 km/h). The tank’s armor (32/15/8 mm for both the hull and turret) leaves much to be desired, and is payback for its low overall weight (7 tons). One surprising feature of the Pzw.39 is its extremely fast-shooting and relatively accurate 24mm Oerlikon vz.38 gun.

The model’s specs encourage active movement around the map and quick elimination of weakly armored enemy vehicles.

7 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Pzw.39

  1. Nice. Nice to see some low tier tanks for other nations. Too bad it can’t be part of a Swiss or European tech tree

    1. It’s czech export tank so it should be in czech tech tree. Also the index number cz29 indicates 8 unrealised tanks so probably the autocanon ones.

      1. Sorry but it belongs in the Swiss tech tree. It actually served in the Swiss military too. So you are wrong.

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