WoT RU: Well Deserved Reward 2023 – VK 36.01 mit Kwk 41 L/58

VK 36.01 mit Kwk 41 L/58 (Germany, Tier-6, HT, promotional)

The tank was only released in the RUBY region. It has a gun that was taken away from it a long time ago. Short name: VK 36.01 H 75

• Gun caliber: from 88 mm to 75 mm
• Gun loading: from 6.62 to 4.03
• Gun rate of fire: from 9.07 to 14.90
• Accuracy at 100 m: from 0.35 to 0.33
• Dispersion after shot: from 2.00 to 3.00
• Dispersion during turret traverse (max): from 0.12 (3.00) to 0.14 (3.50)
• Ammunition: from 64 to 85
Projectile type 1: AP
• Armor penetration of 1 (AP) shells: from 145 to 157 mm
• Armor penetration of 1 (AP) shells at 500m: from 129 to 137 mm
• Initial flight speed of 1 (AP) shells: from 773 to 1,170 m/s
• Damage 1 (AP) shells: from 220 to 135
• Average damage per minute 1 (AP) shells: from 1995 to 2012
• Damage by modules 1 (AP) shells: from 119 to 100
• Cost of 1 (AP) shells: from 252 to 186 credits
Projectile type 2: APCR
• Armor penetration of 2 (APCR) shells: from 194 to 221 mm
• Armor penetration of 2 (APCR) shells at 500m: from 168 to 197 mm
• Initial flight speed 2 (APCR) of the shells: from 966 to 1,260 m/s
• Damage 2 (APCR) shells: from 220 to 135
• Average damage per minute 2 (APCR) shells: from 1995 to 2012
• Damage by modules 2 (APCR) shells: from 119 to 100
• Cost of 2 (APCR) shells: 3,200 credits – unchanged
Projectile type 3: HE – absent
• Specific power: from 11.90 to 12.29 hp/t
• Gun weight: from 2050 to 720kg
• Tank weight: from 42,000 to 40,670kg

photo_2023-08-30_16-02-48 (2)
photo_2023-08-30_16-02-49 (2)
photo_2023-08-30_16-02-50 (2)
photo_2023-08-30_16-02-48 photo_2023-08-30_16-02-49 photo_2023-08-30_16-02-50 photo_2023-08-30_16-02-48 (2) photo_2023-08-30_16-02-49 (2) photo_2023-08-30_16-02-50 (2)

Crew 5 people: Commander; Gunner; Driver; Radio operator; Loader.
Role in combat: Breakthrough Heavy tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

15 thoughts on “WoT RU: Well Deserved Reward 2023 – VK 36.01 mit Kwk 41 L/58

  1. Wow. I don’t even recall what the difference were between the KWK41 and the still existing waffe 0725

  2. This was a great tank… except back when it was great, it was a MEDIUM tank, not a heavy tank. Returning it with the Konisch gun yet without changing its class or de-nerfing its mobility is worse than giving the VK 28.01 with derp after nerfing HE to shit.

      1. No one likes arty… Meanwhile in overwhelming fire in eu servers 500+ Daily & na is 100+

        your woke ideas hold no water..

        1. The argument has never been “no one likes arty” the argument is, “arty is not fun or engaging for anyone else but the arty player.”

          Ofcourse people like to lean their chair back and sit in a corner and drop bombs on peoples head, but nobody likes getting bombs droped on their head from across the map with little to no way of defending themselves untill the battle is basically over.

          And i love how you end with “your woke ideas hold no water..”, did you read that on twitter? Either way it litteraly means fucking nothing in this context, you think it makes you sound smart but it actually just makes you sound retarded because its obvious you have no clue how to use that term correctly.

        2. You do realize that the batchat arty in overwhelming fire is disgustingly broken, has the same dispersion moving as when stationary, so of course people are playing it.

          Also the fuck would that even have to do with normal arty in pubs? No one likes arty, no one likes stun, no one likes having a class that completely breaks the flow of the battle and forces them to camp while also being one of the single least useful vehicles in a public match. It exists purely to be annoying and because wg has sunken cost fallacy.

          As someone who’s grinded the 260 arty missions 3 times now at this point, I can say with absolute certainty that it’s unfun to play, unfun to play against, and honestly if they removed arty, so many players would come back and the quality of games overall would increase.

          1. Arty is unfun to play? To each their own, but remember many play the class (many more did, until WG listened to the crybabies and destroyed it) and have a good time making tryhards eat shit. The only downside is that normal players who do not deserve the pegging get caught in the crossfire.

          2. I like to call SPGs the necessery evil in WoT. No one likes them, but we need them for a healthy game. They are the only one who can disturb a hulldown Chieftain, 279e, Minotauro, T110E3, BZ-176 and so on and so on. If they drop 3-4 nukes of 400 dmg each, you have lost half of your HP + you can’t farm because you are stunned. So now the enemy team stands a chance.
            I agree, clickers are annoying, stupid to play and boring, but they are the only effective counter to the current hull-down meta with heavies and mediums with god-like turrets. And I am saying this as a player, who plays arty only when having a snack.

  3. well, beside the mobility, this tanks main problem is the huge weakspot called gun mantlet. with like only 100mm every and his dog is just penning you straight through the turret without having to go for the still big cupola.

    other than that I still like the tank, but the Konisch is just so low on alpha. with its incredible apcr it was great versus tier 8 and 9 back in the old days, where MM was more then +/-2 …

    1. Why everyone cries about alpha? Alpha damage isn’t everything. DPM is what really matters. With this rate of fire you can double-track an enemy and they are doomed. Why is the Churchill 3 OP? Because of the rate of fire. Why are the Tortoise, the Strv 103B and STB-1 so good? Because of the high DPM – the lower alphas (400, 390 and 360 respectively) aren’t an issue.

  4. well, Tortoise and the likes have still an usable alpha. 135 is just meh for a tier 6 HT. sure, you can keep guys tracked, but this also comes at a risk. in how many occasions do you have the chance to do so and not get shot by the other enemies?

    in addition: Tortoise has armor (well, at least against standard ammo), the Strv has autobounce and the STB can use its great gun depression. The VK has none of those.

    alpha with abysmal DPM is bad. but low alpha isn’t that great, even with okay dpm (and 2k ist just okay, not great on tier 6).

    1. Double tracking is a death senetence for enemies, who make mistakes. And in tier 6 there are quite a lot of players, that will overexpose their tracks. All you need is one or two teammates and the tracked tank will be done for in a few seconds.
      And I’d say the DPM is indeed great – only KV-1S and M6 have better DPM among all tier 6 HT (considering Churchill VII and Pawlack Tank don’t use stock guns).

      We can argue as much as we want here, but it’s pointless. If we get it on EU/NA as well, I will try it out and see if my predictions are correct (unless it gets nerfed later lol).

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