WoT Monthly September 2023: Back to School

While it’s back to the books for some of us, everyone can learn what’s coming up in World of Tanks for September! Things get off to a rolling start with Update 1.22. Slated to launch early in the month, it brings a brand-new branch of six British wheeled medium vehicles to the game. Other update features include vehicle rebalancing, map changes, auto-flipping vehicles, and much more!

We’ve also got a brand-new Battle Pass Season, the latest chapter of the Waffenträger saga, two Tier X titans available for a discount with Top of the Tree missions, a new season of Onslaught, and much more. Keep an eye on the World of Tanks portal for up-to-the-minute news and updates!

Upcoming Specials and Events

Early September

Season XII takes us to Mirny-13! Explore supernatural progressive styles for a new lineup of Core Vehicles, and learn the backstory of Mirny-13 when you complete each new Chapter. Season XII is also your last opportunity to earn Battle Pass 2023 Tokens, which can be exchanged for this year’s newest Tier IX reward vehicles or other cool prizes.

September 5 through October 5

Take advantage of credit discounts, missions, and offers, as well as two new Top of the Tree specials. Climb the German Tech Tree line to the nation’s prized XJagdpanzer E 100 , or expand your collection of Soviet mediums all the way up to the XObject 140 .

September 6 through October 16

Onslaught returns! It continues the competitive spirit and introduces several gameplay improvements and new features. These include Qualification (a new annual Progression), three new battlefields, rebalancing of some vehicle Role Skills, and removing artillery from the mode. The season also brings a host of lucrative rewards, such as Increased Shell Resistance, a brand-new progressive 2D style, stunning customizations, bonds, and much more!


September 11 through November 13

Trade your tokens for valuable items, including days of WoT Premium Account, 3D styles, and Premium vehicles! We’ve got a refreshed Token Store that makes the most of new Twitch mechanics.

Earning Drops is now more straightforward: Earn tokens by watching official World of Tanks and any other participating channels and streams and by completing a repeatable mission available every Monday.

Qualifiers on September 13 and 16; Group Stage on September 17; Finals on September 23 and 24

The battleground is once again calling upon elite clans to fight for supremacy and epic rewards. Rally your fellow clan members and unleash your strategic prowess in the latest iteration of the Clan Showdown tournament. Prepare for the chance to win heaps of gold, bonds, and a portion of a cash prize pool! Tune in to the finals and grab Twitch Drops!

September 18 through September 25

Don’t miss your chance to grab amazing rewards and get familiar with the brand-new British medium wheeled vehicles! Complete chained missions to earn stamps you can exchange in a special in-game store for British-themed rewards!

Late September

The follow-up to The Waffenträger: Legacy is coming! With battles taking place in a 6v1 format with six players in upgraded M48A5 Patton, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, Object 140, and TVP T 50/51 tanks confront a single tanker in command of the Blitzträger auf E 110. Stay tuned to the World of Tanks portal for more information on this upcoming event!

Ongoing Activities

Until September 4

We’ve got a revamped Token Store and a format that gives you two distinct ways to accumulate tokens (in missions and by watching streams). Trade your tokens in for valuable items, including days of WoT Premium Account, 3D styles, and Premium vehicles. Make sure to spend your tokens by September 11!


Until September 6

The final days of Season XI. Don’t miss flashy progressive styles for Core Vehicles and heroes whose adventures are illustrated via the Collection feature. There’s also improved loot, with Experimental Equipment among the Base Rewards, gold in the Improved Rewards, and adjusted bond yields.


Until September 27

Obtain the From the Depths package from Prime Gaming until September 27 to beseech the favor of the mysterious entities that dwell far beneath the ocean waves. Receive tentacle-rich customization elements, one day of WoT Premium Account, and more!


Until November 2023

Haven’t claimed your Well-Deserved Reward for 2022 yet? Know someone who hasn’t logged in to the game in a while? Don’t miss your window of opportunity to claim a special gift that varies based on the number of years you’ve been playing!

Your reward may contain a set of legendary vehicles; an amazing 2D style; a Personal Training Manual; special badges, emblems, and decals; or other cool items!


Get ready for Update 1.22, battle to the Top of the Tree for Tier X vehicles, engage in the latest season of Onslaught, and much more. Keep an eye on the portal for additional events!

Roll Out!


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