WoT: Steel Hunter Is Back!

Are you ready to prove that you are the best of the best, Commanders? Welcome to Steel Hunter—a large-scale game event with unique gameplay mechanics. You are one of 20 players fighting for victory and it’s every Hunter for themselves! Your main goal is to survive at all costs, you’ll be able to upgrade your vehicles while in battle and get stronger with each new tier. Destroy all enemies and be the last Hunter standing!

22 thoughts on “WoT: Steel Hunter Is Back!

    1. No arty, no base camping snipers, no idiot teammates, no hull down gameplay. Don’t like the gamemode? Stay out. We don’t want low skill players like you in this mode.

  1. I dont get it this mode isnt loved by most players and rewards are meh and we just had one last month why again

        1. No they are not.

          And contrary to your statement wg has numbers, so there is a reason the gamemode is alive. For 5 years now. Thats an argument in itself.

          And yes its not fun for everybody, but players that enjoy being creative in their own way enjoy it very much. And the thrill is there as well. It is enough of a dopamine shot in itself, so you dont need 5k bonds to motivate the playerbase. Simply: Its fun. It has its own community. And it will not die, it would do so already if it was bad.

  2. I don’t mind playing Steel Hunter from time to time, but it’s just unfair that we get Steel Hunter for 2 weeks but Frontline for only one.
    I personally enjoy Frontline much more because of the variety – different tactics of attack/defence, even different strategies, abillity to change the class of the vehicle depending on the situation, etc. Also, you earn waaay more credits than playing Randoms. In SH you can do 3 things – fight early and die early; fight early and rank up early; or hide, gather supply drops, rank up as slowly as it gets and be overruned in the end. And the rewards in Frontline are more worth it that in SH.

  3. Why are people so upset about game modes they dont like? Just dont play it. If some people like it let them enjoy it, what the fuck is the issue here?

    1. Because wot has had only one game mode of random battles for over 10 years.
      These other modes are always only temporary and full of bugs.
      Out of all these other game modes not one is permanent.
      Why because wg is worried there won’t be enough players for random battles in the dwindling server population

  4. As someone who plays competitively, I do grind this mode just for that 4 pieces of Experimental Equipments.
    Even though the mode is kinda boring, it’s okay to play only 3 battles a day for 4 days to get all the rewards.
    For such little effort, the rewards are definitely worth it.
    There are so many things to complain about in WoT but this particular mode is surely not one of those.

        1. Exactly. Steel hunter is one on one pure skill.
          There’s no being carried by other players.
          The only people who hate it are the 43% players.
          Which are the majority 🤦🏼‍♂️

          1. @terry Wrist, I am 58% player and while I don’t hate Steel Hunter, its not worth playing as it is a sandbox mode where I can’t use any of my hundreds of tanks and crews, while grinding credits, Tank & Crew XP, Free XP, etc., like in Frontlines. I do also enjoy playing Frontlines, a lot more than Randoms (playing since 2011, so bored and done with Randoms at this point). I wish WG would just run SH and FL at the same time so everyone can play whatever that enjoy/prefer, with a common progression/reward pool each week as far as the stages & rewards are concerned. Obviously FL has the extra benefits of credits and XP, so barely anyone would bother with SH, which goes to show how this mode lacks popularity compared to FL.

  5. I agree I would love for frontline to be a stand alone and then I can fuck wot randoms off forever

    1. Same, except I have already given up on Randoms. I think 12 years of the same old mode is enough. WG needs to bring variety to the standard game modes in game. Frontlines is far superior to the now trash 3 min turbo Randoms, and should be a standard additional mode in game.

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