WoT – Onslaught: The Year of the Pegasus is Coming!

Onslaught returns with three new Seasons with unique rewards and improvements, Commanders!

It promises you even more thrilling battles and a bunch of cool customizations for good performance in combat, including fresh progressive 2D styles. Read on for more details!

The Year of the Pegasus: 3 Seasons With a Shared Progression

In 2023–2024, you’ll be able to prove yourself in 3 consecutive Onslaught Seasons with a shared progression system. These Seasons are united into a single annual cycle called the Year of the Pegasus. Like the Griffin from Onslaught’s previous launch, the mythical Pegasus will be the mode’s battle mascot throughout the year. Here’s what awaits you in 2023–2024:

  • Season of the Azure Pegasus (September 2023)
  • Season of the Crimson Pegasus (January-February 2024)
  • Season of the Jade Pegasus (March-May 2024)

In each of the three Seasons, you will be able to get brand-new progressive 2D styles and other customization items that will highlight your combat achievements. These status rewards will have their own unique color variations, echoing the name of each Season. Check them out.

_the_pegasus_progressive_2d_style_01 pegasus_progressive_2d_style_02 progressive_2d_style_03 _pegasus_progressive_2d_style_04 2d_style_05 _pegasus_progressive_2d_style_06

On top of progressive styles and unique customizations in the respective colors, you can also earn seasonal rewards. In addition to customization items for moving through the progression in Divisions, you can also receive rewards for completing weekly Lucky Chips combat missions.

We’ve prepared a lot of cool stuff for you in the seasonal reward pool, including Improved Equipment. What exactly? Be patient, we’ll share all details about the rewards right before the start of the Azure Pegasus Season!

Qualification: Meet Your Rivals!

Your challenging journey in Onslaught will start with Qualification, which is a system for determining your mastery level.

When you first enter the mode after the launch of the Season of the Azure Pegasus, you will need to play 10 battles to find out your initial skill level. Depending on your combat effectiveness, you will qualify for a certain Division in one of four Ranks. The Qualification system will help you face players of a similar mastery level to compete on an equal playing field.

In Qualification:

  • Your rating obtained in the Season of the Crimson Griffin will be taken into account. If you did not participate in the previous Season, you will be assigned a starting rating for an average player in Onslaught.
  • Platoons (both two- and seven-player) are not allowed. You’ll be able to create or join Platoons, however, after completing the Qualification.

You may be matched not only with other Commanders participating in the Qualification, but also with other players of a similar skill level who have already completed it. All players currently participating in the Qualification will be marked in battle with a special icon .

After completing the Qualification, you will receive rewards for the achieved Rank and for all previous ones.

Updated Ranked System

Since Onslaught will now have Qualification, we decided to remove the Debutant Rank from the mode’s Ranked System. We’ve also added a new “E” Division for all Ranks except Champion and Legend. These top Ranks will still have only one Division, while the remaining four Ranks—Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold—now have five Divisions.

Qualification is designed to determine your initial skill level in a short period of just 10 battles. After its completion, you immediately get into the Division, where the players closest to you in terms of mastery compete.

To adapt Onslaught to the addition of Qualification and put all players on an equal footing from the start of the Season, we’ve updated the mode’s progression. Each Division will now consist of 100 Rating Points regardless of the region you’re playing in. We’ve also increased the influence of personal contribution to the battle on the gained/lost Rating Points.

Throughout the Season, we will closely monitor how these changes work and make changes if necessary, informing you in advance.

Badges  Ascension and  To Olympus and the stripe  Born to Fly awarded for reaching Champion and Legend Ranks are defendable, meaning they will be deducted at the start of each new Season. If you want to retain these honorable marks of mastery, you need to participate in each upcoming Season and put in a decent performance.

Annual Progression and Rewards

Each Onslaught Season will have its own progression and rewards. But on top of the goodies from each individual Season, the Year of the Pegasus brings with it Annual Rewards for sustained participation and completion of the 2023–2024 annual cycle progression.

Participate in intense battles in each of the Seasons and prove that you deserve to join the Onslaught elite! At the end of each Season, depending on your final Rank, you will be awarded Pegasus Colors, a special in-game currency.

When the third Season is over, depending on your results throughout the Year of the Pegasus, you can receive Annual Rewards (more on them below) with exclusive items, among which are:

  • Another progressive 2D style and striking camos for it
  • A choice of Improved Equipment from all equipment of this category, depending on your Annual Reward level
  • A special medal, a spectacular badge, and a stunning stripe

But most importantly, your Annual Reward may include a special version of  XCS-63  a Polish Tier X medium, with an incredible 3D style and custom crew members.

Every 3 Pegasus Colors earned upgrade the Annual Reward you will receive at the end of the Year of the Pegasus. Upon reaching each new Annual Reward level, you will be able to receive all the Rewards from previous Annual Reward levels as well.

In addition to all the above rewards, you will also receive another 2D style in a unique dark color and a set of cool camouflages for it.

You will receive a medal from the highest-level Annual Reward you are awarded. Any remaining Pegasus Colors will be converted into bonds.

Map Rebalancing and Three New Battlefields

We’ve added three new locales to the set of maps available for Onslaught (Mines, Overlord, and a special version of the Klondike map made for Onslaught) and removed Redshire from the map pool. These new maps have been slightly reworked (we’ve added additional firing and cover positions, objects, etc.) to make the battles more engaging.

We’ve also made some selective balance adjustments (adding new Points of Interest and cover positions and removing various objects) to the following existing maps.

The locations of Points of Interest on all new and rebalanced maps may change and will be finalized after the Update 1.22 Common Tests. Be sure to join the Common Tests and share your feedback on the maps!

Other Gameplay Changes

No More Arty!

After looking through your feedback, we’ve decided to remove artillery from the mode. It won’t be possible to enter Onslaught battles in SPGs.

Reworked Vehicle Role Skills

We’ve also rebalanced some vehicle Role Skills. We’re still working on them, so join the upcoming 1.22 Common Tests to help us finalize them! We’ll share the final Role Skills values with you shortly before the start of the opening Season.

New Rental Vehicles

Finally, we’ve updated the list of rental vehicles you will be awarded at the start of Season 1. You’ll have the opportunity to enter Onslaught battles in three 7v7 rental vehicles:

You will have the opportunity to try out all the mechanics of the opening Onslaught Season during the 1.22 Common Tests.

The progression system, all values, rewards, and various characteristics are valid for the upcoming 1.22 Common Tests and are subject to change. We’ll share final values and characteristics closer to the start of the Season of the Azure Pegasus.

Get ready to join exciting 7v7 battles and become the best among equals! 

11 thoughts on “WoT – Onslaught: The Year of the Pegasus is Coming!

    1. Perfect place to train your stock crews so you don’t hurt you random battles winrate. I love seeing the reactions of my teammates when I start an Onslaught Battle and say “stock crew.” XD

    1. I know you’re supposed to be able to get old ranked rewards from it eventually, so stuff like the concept, kpz50t, 114 sp. At least they’ve said that in the past, idk if they actually will follow up on it.

      1. I think the Concept 1B and the KPz 50t will follow Chief’s faith. WG are perfectly aware these are too powerful at tier 9 and will nerf them, so that they can release them as Onslaught rewards without destroying the matchmaking. But I think rewards should be selectable by the player, similar to Clan wars’ rewards – e.g. you can pick this new painted CS-63, but, if you will , you can get 114 SP2.

        1. Could be, but i think it will not be similar to cw or battle pass but more likely Ranked (increded reward by level reached) that WG had removed…

          1. So you mean there will be a tier 8 reward tank (like the Charlemagne), then a tier 9 and if you perform well enough, you’ll get a tier 10? I have played only the Beta and First season of Ranked back in 2017 and 2018 and then took a 4 year break of WoT, so I don’t really know how the reward system in Ranked used to work.

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