9 thoughts on “WoT: Frontline 2023 – Second Launch

  1. This was already mentioned in the notes of the test server for the upcoming Patch over a week ago. What would be nice to know is WHEN in August are we expecting the FL Second episode. I hope towards the end of August as early August is too busy for me to participate, and FL is the only mode I enjoy in WOT nowadays.

    1. So keep playing the crappy Randoms man. Leave FL to those who enjoy it. I hate Randoms after having played the game since 2011. Stale, poorly balanced, toxic and devoid of fun.

  2. I’d rather use MySpace than play random battles.
    WG only mode for 20 years what a sad state

  3. Frontlines ftmfw. People who hate it should join as sheeples for those of us who would hunt them for credits.

  4. Frontline is the best part of WoT. Matchmaker is so messed up in Random battles. Yet somehow they manage to create balanced teams in FL. (The coming random events gives me hope for random battles, however.)

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