WoT: Introducing: Maneuvers—An Experimental Event

The time has come to enjoy Maneuvers, an experimental, challenging, time-limited, and very lucrative clan event with new mechanics that’s running from August 14 through August 28. Its battles are 7v7 and are fought in any Tier X vehicles using Standard Battle rules and with Fog of War. A Maneuvers campaign can be run entirely within the game client as Division X Stronghold Skirmishes.

The Maneuvers event is only for clan members, but rest assured that the rewards alone are worth joining a band of tankers. Together with the personal and clan Fame Points ratings, there is a personal Fame Points shop with a rich selection of quality wares, from rare vehicles to various exquisite styles.

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From August 14 through August 28

Event Prime Time

Every day from 18:00 through 01:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Rules of Engagement

  • 7v7, only in Tier X vehicles
  • Rules: Standard Battle
  • Fog of War: On
  • Clan Battle Reserves (Inspire, Artillery Strike, High-Capacity Transport): Off
  • Legionnaires: Off
  • Maximum battle duration: 10 minutes
  • Base amount of Industrial Resource per battle won: 1,000 (as in Division X Skirmishes)

Clan Prime Time

Maneuvers will be available every day during the Prime Time shown above, but each clan must choose their own 2-hour clan Prime Time within it. Personal and clan Fame Points can be earned only during clan Prime Time, and only the victories achieved during it will contribute to the clan’s Progression.

In Maneuvers, you don’t have to invest a lot of your time into getting good results—playing well during your clan Prime Time will land you high up on the Leaderboards. You can also participate in battles outside of your clan Prime Time for training purposes (but with no Fame Points received and no Progression contribution). Clan Prime Time can be changed daily by the clan’s leadership.

Event Mechanics

In Maneuvers, victories are extremely beneficial. First off, the winning side gets almost all the spoils. And secondly, the victories of every team of your clan contribute to your clan’s Progression. After a certain number of wins, you move on to the next Stage where each battle brings more personal and clan Fame Points. And all in all, there are 95 Stages in the event Progression, with Fame Point yields increasing incrementally.

Losses and draws do not subtract from your Stage progress.

Players on the losing team will only receive personal Fame Points for battles in which their side destroyed at least two enemy vehicles.

Here’s the catch: Once a team in your clan loses a battle, all the vehicles that participated in it on your side enter the Out of Commission state. That means they can take part in further Maneuvers battles but with limitations.

  • A vehicle that is Out of Commission does not earn personal Fame Points for its owner.
  • Vehicles that are Out of Commission do not contribute to clan Fame Points. (If two out of seven tanks on the team have this status, their side gets only 5/7 of the normal amount of Clan Fame Points.)
  • Having even a single vehicle Out of Commission on the winning team means the clan gets no Stage progress from their victory in that battle.

The Out of Commission status also applies to vehicles on the winning side that were destroyed over the course of a Maneuvers battle.

If a player joins a clan during the Maneuvers event, all that player’s vehicles receive the Out of Commission status until the clan resets the Progression (see below).

How is it possible to make meaningful Stage progress if most clans will run out of Tier X Vehicles on Duty rather quickly? Thankfully, clan officers can reset the Progression. A single click sets the clan back to Stage 1 of the event Progression but also removes the Out of Commission status from every vehicle, making them Restored to Duty. There is no limit to how many times the Progression can be reset.

Also, once the Progression is reset, the clan is given a certain number of Repair Parts. This event resource can be spent by clan officers to Restore to Duty the individual vehicles they deem especially valuable in battle. Therefore, each successive run gives your clan an opportunity to reach a higher Stage and obtain greater Fame Point multipliers. Please note that the Repair Parts you already have when you reset the Progression will be lost, so you cannot accumulate them between your runs.

Progression Details

Having a large clan and lots of Tier X vehicles can help in Maneuvers greatly, but using your pool of tanks wisely is even more important and gives you plenty of interesting options. You can reset the Progression often to always be able to use your most preferred vehicles, or you can plan long runs up the Stages to benefit from higher personal and clan Fame Point yields.


After the Maneuvers event is over, every participant can count on getting themselves some nice rewards. There will be a personal Fame Point rating and a clan Fame Point rating—your position in the former will define how many bonds you receive, while your clan’s position in the latter will determine the amount of gold won for the clan treasury as well as the bond multiplier for clan members.

Earning a lot of personal Fame Points is essential, because the personal Fame Points shop will offer a rich selection of goodies. The most prominent offers are the following six Tier X reward tanks:

The price of these reward vehicles will equal the number of personal Fame Points obtained by the player placing 8,000 in the personal rating. Neither bonds nor any other additional resources will be required to purchase a reward vehicle.

Other personal Fame Points shop wares include 3D styles for  Xthe M60  and Xthe VK 72.01 (K) , exclusive clan 2D styles from the “Elements” and “Warriors” collections, and more.

Personal Leaderboard

Rewards for positions on the Personal Leaderboard include bonds, badges, and medals.

The distribution of bonds according to the Personal Leaderboard is calculated as follows. A quotient is applied to the number of bonds based on the position of the player’s clan on the Clan Leaderboard (shown further below).

Distribution of Bonds

0–10% 750
10–20% 700
20–30% 600
30–40% 500
40–50% 400
50–75% 250
Maneuvers Winner medal

Be a member of the winning clan at the end of the event.

Fight at least 5 battles in the event for the clan you have most recently joined (this includes re-entries).

Maneuvers Top 2 medal

Be a member of the 2nd place clan by the end of the event.

Fight at least 5 battles in the event for the clan you have most recently joined (this includes re-entries).

Maneuvers Top 3 medal

Be a member of the 3rd place clan by the end of the event.

Fight at least 5 battles in the event for the clan you have most recently joined (this includes re-entries).

Maneuvers Top 10 medal

Be a member of a Top 10 clan by the end of the event.

Fight at least 5 battles in the event for the clan you have most recently joined (this includes re-entries).

Maneuvers Top 100 medal

Be a member of a Top 100 clan by the end of the event.

Fight at least 5 battles in the event for the clan you have most recently joined (this includes re-entries).

Maneuvers Participant medal

Fight at least 5 battles in the Maneuvers event.

Maneuvers Epic Win medal

Be a member of the clan with the longest winning streak by the end of the event.

Fight at least 5 battles in the event for the clan you have most recently joined (this includes re-entries).


Maneuvers Legend badge

Be among the top 1% of players on the Personal Leaderboard. Be a member of a clan in the top 1% of clans by the event results. Fight at least 50% of your battles within the Maneuvers event for the clan that is among the top 1% of clans.

Maneuvers Hero badge

Be a member of a clan in the top 10% by the event results. Fight at least 5 battles within the event for the clan following the last entry to this particular clan.

Clan Leaderboard

Depending on a clan’s position on the Clan Leaderboard, the sum of bonds that players in the clan receive is affected by a multiplier.

Clan Bond Multipliers

0–10% 4
10–20% 3.5
20–30% 3
30–40% 2.5
40–50% 2
50–100% 1
Unlike other rewards, gold is given for taking specific places and not for ending up at the top of the Leaderboard. The total prize pool of 8,400,000 will be distributed among clans.

Gold Distribution

1 165,000
2 125,000
3 85,000
4 80,000
5 75,000
6 70,000
7 65,000
8 60,000
9–10 55,000
11–12 50,000
13–25 45,000
26–49 41,000
50–74 34,000
75–129 29,000
130–189 24,000
190–220 16,500
221–280 12,500
281–350 8,000
351–400 4,000
Rewards Availability

The personal Fame Points shop will be open from August 31* through September 7 at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2).

All rewards (both personal and for clans) will be credited after August 31.

The starting date may change.

Common Test

Maneuvers will be available during Common Test 3. Try out the mechanics of the event!

The stakes are high, so gather every Tier X vehicle in your Garages and prepare to run up the ladder! What Stage will your clan reach?

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  1. Whoever owns chieftain does not want chieftain as a reward. Whoever wants to buy, wants chieftain as a reward. This is unfair for new players, we are waiting for the “chance” to get this tank for 3 years. If wg thinks chieftain is balanced, why not give it new players too? If chieftain is overpower why can only good players play it anyway?

  2. what benefit does anyone not a top 20 clan have to play this event . Could it be anymore bias .

  3. who thinks of exchanging summer beach parties for a WG event to figure out what to do with the next campaign since fewer and fewer people are interested? Not me.

  4. Why WG is keep pushing the 7vs7 idea. Its trash. Its again less possibilities for tactics and for different classes utilities.
    Now it will be a 7 fast heavies vs 7 fast heavies

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