WoT EU/NA: Monthly June 2023 – Aquino & Tankfest

This June, we’ll be kicking off our exciting month-long Road to Tankfest event! We start with Aquino Tank Weekend in Canada, and then move to the U.K. for Tankfest! Tune in to two streams on June 11 and June 25, the final days of each event, to get one of three Premium vehicles for free! Along the way, we’ll have special Premium Shop offers with some brand-new customizations, Drops, missions, and tons more. Keep an eye on the portal for complete information on this event!

June is packed with other events too. Steel Hunter Reborn debuts with a new format and changes to the tried-and-true Steel Hunter play scheme; we honor D-Day with special offers; Onslaught wraps up Season of the Crimson Griffin; players battle it out in the WoT7 tournament for fantastic prizes, courtesy of MillionPugs; and much more!

Please note: This is not a comprehensive overview, and some details may change.

Token Store

June 5 through July 10: Special items will be available in the Token Store to celebrate Aquino Tank Weekend and Tankfest, including the “Star-Spangled” and “Dominion” 2D styles, camouflage, consumables, days of WoT Premium Account, and tons more!

Top of the Tree

From June 5 through July 5: Take advantage of credit discounts, missions, and offers, with two new Top of the Tree specials that align nicely with the new Battle Pass heroes.

Climb the American Tech Tree line to the nation’s prized XT57 Heavy Tank , or expand your collection of French tank destroyers, all the way up to the XAMX 50 Foch B .

D-Day Stream and Special Offers

June 6: Tune in to our special D-Day stream to earn Twitch Drops with Personal Reserves, consumables, and the Overlord 2D style! From June 6 through June 13, you can also get discounts on vehicles from nations that played a role in the historic operation that changed the course of World War II.

Aquino Tank Weekend

From June 9 through June 11: Our Road to Tankfest begins with a stop at the Ontario Regiment Museum for Aquino Tank Weekend! Join us for special offers, Drops, and the first of two streams on Sunday, June 11 that puts viewers on their own road to a free Premium vehicle! You also have the chance to get more Premium vehicles, 3D styles, and other items with our Mystery Drops! Keep an eye on the portal for more on these exciting events!

Steel Hunter Reborn

From June 12 through June 25: Steel Hunter returns with intense 15-player battles in single player mode or Platoons of two. Get ready for rebalanced vehicles and other changes to the mode that will be revealed closer to the event!

Tankfest 2023

From June 23 through June 25: Our Road to Tankfest stops in Bovington! Join us for a tank show so big it takes three days to contain it all. We’ve got special offers, Drops, in-game missions, and the second of our two streams on Sunday, June 25, where viewers can earn one of three Premium vehicles! You also have the chance to get more Premium vehicles, 3D styles, and other items with our Mystery Drops! Keep an eye on the portal for more information!

Onslaught: Season of the Crimson Griffin

Until June 11: We read your feedback and have introduced some improvements to the 7v7 mode, including reworked vehicle Role Skills and a system with a set of consecutive weekly combat missions. Plus, get ready for two new maps (Airfield and Glacier) and the chance to get your hands on exclusive customizations in the reward pool.


June Drops Special

Until June 12: Get the rewards you want through a fixed set of Twitch Drops campaigns with new missions every Monday and weekend missions every Friday.

Earn tokens by watching the official World of Tanks channels and participating streams, and customize your rewards in the Token Store. Spend tokens immediately on useful in-game perks, or save them up for fantastic prizes, including 2D styles and Premium vehicles.


MillionPugs WoT7 Tournament

Until June 18: The WoT7 tournament returns with incredible prizes, sponsored by MillionPugs. Prepare to get your paws dirty in intense 7v7 battles and fight for your spot as the top dog. Registration is currently open for the two qualifiers on June 7 and 10.

Then, tune in to watch the finals live on June 17 and 18, accompanied by expert commentary and Twitch Drops. Keep an eye out for more on this exciting event!


Prime Gaming: Wings of Wrath

Until June 22: Blood Angels have arrived in World of Tanks, represented by the noble Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron. You can recruit the Commander until June 21 as part of the Wings of Wrath package, along with unique customization elements, 3 days of WoT Premium Account, and 10 missions for ×5 XP.


Well-Deserved Rewards 2022

Until November 2023: Let’s celebrate another year together, Commanders! To express our appreciation for your support and passion, we’re giving each and every one of you a special gift.

Depending on the number of years you’ve been with us, your reward may contain a set of legendary vehicles; an amazing 2D style; a Personal Training Manual; special badges, emblems, and decals; and other cool items!


Drive the Road to Tankfest with us, tune in to our streams on June 11 and June 25 to earn a free vehicle, and stay tuned for other can’t-miss events. Check back regularly for more news, updates, and (gasp!) surprises!

Roll Out!

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