WoT: Preview of the Month – June 2023

Join us for Tankfest 2023 for lots of fun, activities, and rewards. June also includes plenty of Twitch Drops where you can watch World of Tanks streams from your favorite Community Contributors and get rewarded.

Battle to be the last one standing in the new Steel Hunter: Reborn and enjoy some Dragon Boat activities.

 Please note that the following events are subject to change without notice.

02 May – 12 Jun: Bring out your Tier Xs for exciting 7v7 battles! Climb the ranks and soar into battle with this season’s “Wing and Claw” style and other rewards.

2 Jun – 11 Jun: Cruise to victory in these curated Tier VIII vehicles from the Premium Shop!

05 June – 05 July: Speed your way towards the top of the T57 Heavy Tank and AMX 50 Foch B tech trees with credit discounts, missions, and more!

05 Jun – 12 Jun: Take on Tier VIIIs in massive 30v30 battles on extra-large maps. Complete stages and earn special rewards.

05 Jun – 10 July: It’s Tankfest season! Tune into your favorite streamers with drops enabled and collect tokens to redeem at the in-game token store.

06 Jun – 13 Jun: Want to commemorate by adding a historical theme to your battles? Choose from a selection of vehicles in the Premium Shop. Also, look out for Twitch Drops enabled streams to earn some in-game rewards and a 2D style.

09 Jun – 16 Jun: Watch World of Tanks head to the biggest historical military show in Canada and get special Twitch Drops! Complete missions for Aquino-themed customization rewards. And check the Premium Shop for a selection of American vehicles and a new style!

12 Jun – 26 Jun: Enjoy a revamped version of Steel Hunter with friendlier and simpler rules. Reap your rewards. Progress through this battle royale solo or in a platoon of two. Engage in battle with respawns, situational AI opponents, and more. Survive at all costs!

16 Jun – 23 Jun: Some Premium party animals are out and ready to slay with new 3D styles. Don’t miss these deals!

20 Jun – 30 Jun: Tankfest is back with lots of activities! Catch livestreams for Twitch Drops, enjoy discounts in-game and at the Premium Shop, and complete Tankfest missions for some nice rewards.

22 Jun – 3 July: Be the hero of this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. Take up missions and complete them to earn themed customizations for the season. Also, look out for special discounts in-game and at the Premium Shop!


Experience new battlefields and earn rewards. Steel Hunter is back with more epic battles where 15 contenders fight to the last commander. Want to team up with a friend? Face off against other platoons of two on a map of 20 vehicles. This time, it returns with fresh mechanics that includes situational AI opponents, and more!


Tankfest is rolling in with lots of fun. We’ll have livestreams with Twitch Drops, special discounts available both in-game and at the Premium Shop, and x5 XP for your First Victory of the day during the event!

Stay tuned for more details.


Be a hero. This year, Dragon Boat Festival activities include missions you can complete to gain cool customizations for you to flex on your vehicles.

There will also be lots of discounts going on in the In-game Store and Premium Shop, so be sure to check back for the best deals!

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  1. At Lesta, there is a unique offer like premium tank every day in the game for either credit or bond for 1 month, at ebolagaming in the EU spend your money in the premium shop, you motherfuckers!

        1. Well if there’s any censorship on this channel, I doubt, you clearly should get a ban. For your opinion you and your king Putin thinks he can just attack countries as he likes. We will see how that ends and I hope you get your well deserved punishment.

      1. Teach me how they work when you are not the typical TAP retard. I would like to know.

    1. I agree the tank museum need to stop sponsorship of world of tanks

  2. So many Chinese themed events.

    I can’t give a damn.

    F the sino-focus from WG.

    Do they realize the entire Chinese economy is based on leveraging worthless real estate there? And those other dumb countries / investors who don’t see it?

    They will collapse in 2 years tops.

    WG stop pandering!

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