WoT: Update 1.21 Common Test 2 Is Here!

The second Common Test of Update 1.21 is now available.

Join the next test and try three updated game modes with new features and improved mechanics. Steel Hunter: Reborn has seen an extensive overhaul with a respawn mechanic, AI-driven Marauders, and more. Frontline 2023 returns with a brand-new location and balance improvements. And you’ll have a chance to get a sneak peek at the next Season of Onslaught.

These and other exciting changes are waiting for you. Roll out, start testing, and share your feedback!

Feature Availability During the Common Test

Steel Hunter: Reborn From May 18, 2023, through May 20, 2023
Frontline 2023 From May 21, 2023, through May 24, 2023
Onslaught From May 25, 2023, through May 30, 2023

Check out our handy public test guide with all the details about Common Tests, Sandbox Tests, and Supertests.


— Test client installer —

To take part, you’ll need the Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC), the latest Common Test game client, and a Wargaming.net account created prior to the cut-off date (see below).


All Wargaming.net accounts created before July 30, at 23:59 CEST can participate in the test.

Download and Install the Test Client


  • Run the test client installer.
  • Choose a different installation folder from where your regular World of Tanks game files are.
  • Select the freshly installed test client from the dropdown menu at the top of the WGC.
  • Roll out—and remember to pass on your feedback!

You can find more details about the WGC in the dedicated Wargaming.net Game Center guide.

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  1. Lol dumbed down steel hunter because morons can’t play it…
    And everyone thinks it’s shit which is why nobody plays it

  2. I is a poor student I think I should get discount for wot plus. 11 Euros is too much for poor student

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