WoT: Monthly Rundown, May 2023

This May promises to be out of this world! With Update 1.20.1 looming large, a wave of exciting events is preparing to flood the month, including special Premium Shop offers, the return of Onslaught, brand-new Path of the Ninja mission tasks, and a mind-blowing (and secret!) interstellar event!

From May 3 through May 10: Learn the art of the famed warriors who hide from sight and strike from the shadows. And there’s no better teacher than a line of new Japanese tank destroyers! Don’t miss this chance to engage in challenging missions and earn unique items, including a Premium tank and the brand-new Ninja 2D style!

From May 3 through June 11: We read your feedback and are introducing some improvements to the 7v7 mode, including reworked vehicle Role Skills and a system with a set of consecutive weekly combat missions. Get ready for two new maps (Airfield and Glacier), and get your hands on exclusive customizations in the reward pool.


From May 5 through June 5: Take advantage of credit discounts, missions, and offers, with two new Top of the Tree specials that align nicely with the new Battle Pass heroes.

Climb the British Tech Tree line to the nation’s prized light tank, the XManticore , or expand your collection of Chinese tank destroyers, all the way up to the XWZ-113G FT .

From May 8 through June 12: Get the rewards you want through a fixed set of Twitch Drops campaigns with new missions every Monday and weekend missions every Friday.

Earn tokens by watching the official World of Tanks channels and participating streams, and customize your rewards in the Token Store. Spend tokens immediately on useful in-game perks, or save them for fantastic prizes, including 2D styles and Premium vehicles.

From May 21 through May 31: Don’t miss your chance to replace veteran vehicles with new recruits, and save a ton on the gold purchase price. Select one of the eligible Tier VI–VIII Premium vehicles, and half of your old tank’s gold value will be deducted from the price of your new one. Stay tuned closer to the event for our dedicated article and complete list of vehicles eligible for trade-in!

From May 27 through May 28: Tune in to the official World of Tanks Twitch channel for our livestream of the 15v15 Clan Showdown playoffs. Watch the top teams shoot for the stars as you claim Twitch Drops. Stay tuned for complete info, including how to qualify, schedules, rewards, and more!

Ongoing Activities

Until May 24: Hide your cows! Some very special guests are paying us a visit, and you can welcome them in style with a brand-new look and decals. It’s time to dress up and show them the true hospitality of a friendly earthling.

Claim the Extraterrestrial package by May 24 to receive exclusive new rewards, along with 1 day of WoT Premium Account and missions for ×5 XP.


Until May 27 (final battles on May 26): Time is running out for Season 20! Every Saturday, the state of the Global Map will be frozen, allowing clan warriors to participate in War Games in Strongholds to earn even more gold! As in Season 19, the strongest clans will get additional gold and bonds at the end of the Season.

Workshop rewards remain the same, and once the Season is over, the best players will receive the “Warrior of the East” 2D style, the brand-new “Bengal Tiger” 2D style, and the new “Guards Lt. Leo and a Malfunction” decal.


Until May 31: Season X features a journey through the deserts of Africa. Join three brand-new Commanders in their hero tanks, the XMaus , XUDES 15/16 , and XRinoceronte , as they discover the mysteries ahead, and unlock progressive styles, crew members, and more along the way.

Use the new Collections feature to track your progress and unlock additional rewards, including up to three extra Battle Pass Tokens. And don’t forget to exchange your Season X Points by May 31.


Until November 2023: Let’s celebrate another year together, Commanders! To express our appreciation for your support and passion, we’re giving each and every one of you a special gift.

Depending on the number of years you’ve been with us, your reward may contain a set of legendary vehicles; an amazing 2D style; a Personal Training Manual; special badges, emblems, and decals; and other cool items!


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  1. at this point just bring back old spgs and let the nessasary evil comeback.. and revert old HE shells be back on derp tanks and call it quits..

  2. Chinese TDs featured in Top of the Tree? Nice.

    The “Ninja Path” could be a marathon to get Ka-Ri.

  3. At least they got rid of eekoonboo with his weird pedo twitching face 🙋🏼‍♂️

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