(P) An Unbiased Review of Edubirdie’s Writing Services

As a student, you probably know how difficult it is to stay on top of everything in college. There are classes that you have to attend, assignments that you have to submit before the deadline, and exams that you have to prepare for as early as possible. One of the best ways to manage your time effectively and stay on top of things is by delegating. There are a lot of essay writing services on the web. However, finding the best one is not easy.

In this post, we are going to review one of the most popular writing services in the digital space – Edubirdie. It has been actively helping college students across the world for several years now. And this has provided us with numerous comments from clients on Reddit. With this feedback, we decided to test whether the writing service is worth your time and money by writing this Edubirdie review.

Why you need Edubirdie.com

Today, you can easily research and access a wide range of essay-writing sites. However, it’s not easy to identify reputable ones. This is especially true since every online writing site will promise you high-quality essays at low prices. We decided to write a comprehensive Edu Birdie review to help you make informed decisions. As we were researching, we discovered that Edubirdie ratings have been rising over the past few years due to the number and quality of services that are offered by experts here. The designers of the website focused on simplicity.

When you input your login information and go to ‘my account’, you’ll get to place your order and choose a writer who’ll fulfill your needs. By assigning writers numerous tasks, you’ll receive an Edubirdie discount code to reduce your expenses.

Short Summary

Official website



Starts from $13.99

Payment options

Visa, MasterCard, PayPal

Refund policy




contact number

+1 888 337 5415

How much will you spend?

If you’ve visited most of the writing sites online, you’ll agree with me that they usually have a fixed price on most of their services. When it comes to Edubirdie essay, there is no fixed price. This is because many factors determine how much you’ll pay.

These factors include the length, complexity, and urgency of the paper. Also, your preferred writers’ qualifications and experience determine how much you’ll spend. As Edubirdie.com reviews show, the more qualifications and experience a writer has, the more you’ll pay. Some reviews on Edubirdie report that the starting price of the average college paper is $13.99. This amount can go down, especially if you have a promo code or coupon code.

Does quality match their reputation?

Is Edubirdie legit? Reviews for Edubirdie have shown that navigating the site, placing an order, and making a payment is a simple process. While most of the sites that you’ll interact with will choose a writer for you based on your needs, Edubirdie legit gives you a chance to choose a writer.

Once you receive your paper, you’ll be given ample time to go through it to ensure that all the guidelines were followed. If the work doesn’t exceed your expectations, you can always request a revision. This clearly shows you that there’s nothing like Edubirdie scam. However, in most instances, clients are happy and satisfied with what they get. This is because all the writers who work on the platform are qualified and tested.

When should you contact customer support agents?

Various Edubirdie reviews have reported that customer support is available 24/7. We went ahead to test their findings. We found that the agents were responsive and on time. It only took them a couple of minutes to answer all our questions which ranged from placing orders to requesting free revisions. We were happy with the answers. You can contact the agents via phone, social media, live chat, and mail.

Are there any guarantees?

Even if you choose the best writer to work on your essay, there will be times when your expectations won’t be met. To solve this problem, Edubirdie introduced lots of amazing guarantees to ensure that you get what you pay for. You can always request free revisions if you discover that the writer didn’t follow all the guidelines.

If you can’t accept the paper, you’ll get a refund. However, this rarely happens because writers are qualified and experienced. If you have a definition paper that is being written by your preferred writer here, chances are you’ll receive a well-written document. You won’t have to use a dictionary to get the meaning of the words that have been used.

Pros and Cons

Most essay writing services have pros and cons. This doesn’t exclude EduBirdie. Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Easy to use

  • Availability of professional writers

  • Customer support is available all the time


  • No fixed prices on the services offered

  • Lots of fake reviews online

Edubirdie FAQ

  1. Is Edubirdie real?

This writing service has helped a lot of college students by providing them with high-quality essay papers at reasonable prices.

  1. Is Edubirdie expensive?

There are a lot of factors that determine the amount that you’ll pay for the service that you need. Some of them include the experience of your preferred writer and the complexity, urgency, and length of your paper. However, the starting price is set at $13.99.

  1. Is copying allowed?

All the papers that will be sent to you will be original and free of errors. Experts will go through the paper to ensure that there are no errors or plagiarism before sending it to you.


Edubirdie is a popular online writing service that is focused on helping you get good grades and achieve your academic goals. All the communication lines are open to ensure that USA students always have a smooth experience in 2023. You can reach agents via live chat, phone, email, or social media whenever you want.

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