WoT CT 1.20.1: “Unforgettable” 2D Style

An all-season style created in memory of soldiers from different countries who died while on duty.

Add. description:
The commemoration of soldiers who died while on duty and in armed conflicts is an important and memorable day in many states. For example, in the UK on November 11, people attach paper poppy flowers to their clothes, symbolizing the blood shed in battles. In the calendars of Germany there is a national day of mourning. Since 1952, it has been celebrated on the penultimate Sunday before Advent. In Israel, two ceremonies are held in honor of fallen soldiers: one in Jerusalem at the British War Cemetery on the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday, and the other in Tel Aviv at the Ramla cemetery. In Poland, members of the government, representatives of the authorities and the command of the armed forces lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw. Most of the events in honor of the fallen soldiers are united by a common idea: to remind people of the importance of human life and that

Each of the 3 map types has its own view (summer/desert/winter).
Unhistorical. Suitable for vehicles of any nation and level. Group: Special. price: 1500 gold. ID: 765.


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  • So, Alpine Tigers' horribly tacky 3d style is not "unhistorical", but these simple 4 tones camo patterns are? Oookay, WG, whatever.

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