4 thoughts on “WoT – Update 1.20.1 Common Test: New Mechanics in Recon Mission, Crew Rebalance, the Ho-Ri, and WoT Plus

  1. Is it possible the devs are literally locked up and fed fake news so they can keep going without being bothered by those ‘mean player’s?

    How else do you explain it?
    – they dont know about botting
    – they dont care for 1 person running 3 accounts in a match
    – they dont bother fixing toxc chats with racism and worse

    All of which rather basic issues one could fix in a students day worth of coding
    Hack chat bots you can copy paste from the web!

    And yet they chose to let the community to eat its own tail and happily provide “fun content”

    Okay so you play Twister but your house is on fire – and thats fine?
    How unaware of a situation you gotta be for this to happen!

    Man i bet they got a person that cherry picks the good comments to feed to them (or make stuff up
    Its the only way i can make sense of this

    Not giving a damn about the state – while putting work into it (the wrong way

    1. It has been like this for years and will not change but you are still here?

      Why even care or bother??

      You are the definition of a lunatic. Keep trying the same thing and expecting a different result.

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