WoT: Update 1.20.1 Common Test Is Coming

1st Common Test of WoT 1.20.1 is being updated, you are able to download it already.

The new 🇯🇵 Japanese Tank Destroyer branch is in this patch along with many other additions which might become available to play in the near future such as Onslaught and Recon Missions with Dynamic objects on the map.

Download size (SD): 844.98 MB
Size to install (SD): 1.91 GB
Download size (HD): 1.01 GB
Size to install (HD): 2.22 GB

Recon Missions Minimaps with Dynamic objects marker.

3 thoughts on “WoT: Update 1.20.1 Common Test Is Coming

  1. I figured we were going to see the Japanese tech-tree TDs sooner than Summer, but that is very soon.

  2. Wot+ isnt even that bad if you can earn some gold and ban an extra map you dislike, but their isnt enough value in that alone. But the ability to move bond equipment for free, basically rendering all other equipment useless except experimental. Now you will have to move equipment before every match you play to stay competetive. THIS IS FUCKING RETARDED.

    New crew system can be great but if we dont get free retraining for all our crews its just stupid.

    And the random events and dynamic cover things seem absolutely game breaking. The random events should happen like 1/3 or 1/5 times per map and they should happen during the countdown, not during the fucking game. Imagine making a dangerous push onto prohk hill just to get stuck in a random event and be forced to take more damage getting out or oneshot by the event…

    And the dynamic covers shouldnt be a thing at all, why would we want the ability to be hulldown fucking anywhere? No yeah that sounds great, Chiefs and T110E3s going hulldown and pushing you in full cover..

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