WoWS: TAP Invite Codes

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You can now make a new WoWS account using the following links (and support TAP in the process!):

Invite Link 1

Invite code in registration page for the new players only: BRAVO

  • Doubloons: 500
  • WoWS Premium: 7 Days
  • Credits: 1500000

Invite Link 2


EU realm: Karlsruhe + slot

NA realm: Phoenix + slot

CIS realm: Svietlana + slot

APAC realm: Kolberg + slot

Invite Link 3


  • 500 doubloons
  • 14 days of Premium Account
  • 2 000 000 Credits
  • 12 x Cammo:
  • Team: SIGMAOCTANTIS Cammo: Frosty Fir Tree
    Team: ETANUUPSILON Cammo: Winter Strands.

Which one do you prefer? You can also try adding the PEARLHARBORAZ1941 invite code for the Tier 6 US Battleship Arizona. See if it works!


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