WoT: Monthly Rundown – March 2023

A new month and new season are ahead of us. March promises to be a refreshing and action-packed month for the World of Tanks community.

Keep your eyes on the portal for more details about upcoming changes and improvements, but for now, let’s take a peek at the other exciting events during the weeks ahead.

Battle Pass: Season X

From March 1 through May 31: Battle Pass returns in 2023 with a new Season full of adventure and great rewards. Season X kicks off the journey through the deserts of Africa. Join three brand-new commanders in their hero tanks, Maus, UDES 15/16, and Rinoceronte, as they discover the mysteries ahead, and unlock progressive styles, crew members, and more along the way.

Top of the Tree

From March 5 through April 5: Take advantage of credit discounts, missions, and offers with two new Top of the Tree specials that align nicely with the new Battle Pass heroes.

Climb the German Tech Tree line to a superheavy tank, the legendary Maus. Or expand your collection with peculiar-looking Swedish mediums and their hydropneumatic suspension mechanic, all the way up to the UDES 15/16.

International Women’s Day

From March 8 through March 13: In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we are dedicating several activities to all our female tank commanders and the achievements of women throughout history!

Take on in-game missions to earn extra Crew XP, customization items, and more. The Premium Shop will feature two new 2D styles with plenty of furry friends. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for a new historical video, and join Cmdr_AF, TragicLoss, and special guests from the World of Tanks community for live streams with unique Twitch Drops, including female crew members and a new 2D style!


Exclusive Decals

Clan Showdown Tournament

From March 8 through March 19: Put your courage and experience to the test and join the latest Clan Showdown tournament. Registration is open, and every clan can compete in the two qualifiers on March 8 and 11.

The most fearsome clans will make their way to the finals on March 18 and 19 and fight for incredible rewards! Tune in live on Twitch to enjoy fantastic tank action and the chance to catch exclusive Twitch Drops, including the T-34-85M as a mystery drop.

St. Patrick’s Day

From March 16 through March 20: Celebrate the Feast of Saint Patrick with heaps of extra XP and plenty of discounts for equipment, consumables, and even standard vehicles. You can also put your luck to the test and follow the rainbow for a chance to find four-leaf clovers that can be traded for St. Patrick’s Day-inspired goodies, and more.


Pots of extra XP

Medal of Honor Special

From March 24 through March 27: Prove your might and send your opponents packing. This new special honors the brave heroes who gave everything in battle, and challenges you with an extra hard mission. Show off your skills and earn Personal Reserves and consumables for exceptional performance on the battlefield.


Personal Reserves for an extra boost

Crew is Crucial Special

From March 31 through April 3: This special returns at the end of the month to push tank crews to their limits. Take on the missions and earn extra XP for the men and women inside your machines, valuable consumables, and more.


Extra Crew XP for a victory

Join the fun, Commanders, and make sure to check the portal regularly for the latest news, updates, and surprises! Want to discover even more about the future of World of Tanks? Make sure to check out the Roadmap Highlights: February 2023 post!

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