WoT EU/NA: New Items For Bonds

We’ve added more cool tanks, unique customizations, and a piece of Improved Equipment to the Bond Shop, Commanders! Head to the Items for Bonds section in the in-game Store to get your hands on the following: the 113 Beijing Opera; the Lorraine 40 t; the T23E3; Increased Shell Resistance; and spectacular 3D styles for the 60TP Lewandowskiego, STB-1, and E 100.

Take advantage of the expanded selection!

6 thoughts on “WoT EU/NA: New Items For Bonds

    1. 113 is good if you don’t wanna grind the chinese tech tree, it’s overall a better 430u that’s noticeably longer, but of course this is assuming you wanna spend the like 20k bonds for it instead of just grinding out the 121 or the bz75 line and getting it through the collectors tab.

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