WoT: 1.20 Release Dates

The World of Tanks 1.20.0 update will be rolled out to the public servers on February 27.

Update release dates for EU, NA, and ASIA regions:

ASIA: February 27

NA: February 28

EU: March 1

A new mod folder will be created: /mods/ and /res_mods/

9 thoughts on “WoT: 1.20 Release Dates

  1. For those complaining about Italian meds being nerfed – WG’s mistake was to make them too good upon release. It makes no sense for tanks with the autoloader mechanic to get a gun rammer, and it makes no sense for autoloaders to have good gun handling.

    Of course, this lends credence to the “OP at release, the nerfed once everyone has whaled the new stuff” theory, but even if it were true it’s hardly surprising for a pay2play live service.

    1. what the fuck are you talking about? prog 65 got butchered with a nerf before, it already had nothing good about it there is literally no need for a nerf, when mediums are already useless compared to heavies in 2023

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