WoT ST: TS-60 Changes

TS-60 (USA, Tier IX, TD, promotional)

• Tank repair cost: from 14,720 to 15,640 credits
• Movement spread (max): 0.25 (8.75) to 0.20 (7.00)
• Hull traverse spread (max.): from 0.25 (7.30) to 0.20 (5.84)
• Gun loading: from 7.67 to 7.19 sec
• Gun rate of fire: from 7.82 to 8.34

• Average damage per minute of 1 (AP) projectile: from 3,129 to 3,338
• Average damage per minute 2 (HEAT) projectile: from 3,129 to 3,338
• Average damage per minute 3 (HE) projectile: from 4,029 to 4,297
• Durability / HP of the tank: from 1,600 to 1,700 HP

4 thoughts on “WoT ST: TS-60 Changes

  1. This thing has the DPM that the K-91-PT should have had, the tank trying to be a tier 9 SU-122-44… with less DPM than it…
    But this thing’s interesting, which is why I expect it NOT to be the BP tank since those have been bad or jank (Cobra can do amazing things, but it is still jank.)

    1. Apart the Object 777, all BP tanks are from average (Lorr 50t) to good (Phase I, Char/Kunze if you know how to play) to broken (Cobra).
      The K-91-PT however, is a very specific case. It might be broken and it might be total trash, which depends on the player entirely. The tank requires very high spotting mechanics knowledge aka you have to know how to do well with LTs then you can abuse it’s absurd camo value to do nasty things.
      If those tanks are still bad for you then I’m pretty sure your winrate/WN8 is below 50%/2k respectively.

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