9 thoughts on “WoT EU: Auction Day 1 Results – 121B “Monkey King”

  1. Minimum reported bid for EU on Reddit is 25.21. Many others confirmed 26M and over bids. So Median was at least 2.5M over the minimum successful bid.

    Asia server, 20M minimum bid was successful. No confirmation on NA, but apparently till close to bidding end, they barely had enough participants, so their minimum successful bid would be anywhere between 20-21M.

    1. Summary – Monkey King successful bids,

      Asia – 20M

      EU – 25.21M (someone also posted 25,225,000 image confirmation on EU forums)

      NA – 20,001,000

  2. Let’s be honest – who needs an already existing tank with a unique camo for an overprice in silver? Asian WoT community probably asked themselves the same question..
    As for our collectors – they would buy literally any tank even(or especially) with a poop camo just to be able to show off and say that now I own a rare piece of cr**.
    At least the black market(over the course of 19-21) had some decency in terms of unique tanks..

  3. Highest loss with image I’ve seen on reddit was 25 199 000. Lowest win I’ve seen on reddit with an image is 25 220 000. I got it for 25 550 000

    1. I’m a collector and play daily 😉
      That said, even I do not go for these overprized and in my opinion ugly skins. I have the normal 121B so no reason to also get this eye sore. Same goes for the even uglier Progetto “Mars” variant. Pass. I did the same with reskins like the “black” series and the Peregrine and such.

      I did fall for the Lion trap though 😉

  4. NA server got mine for minimum bid +100. so 20,000,100. got a notice that my bid was not competitive either.

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