WoT: Auction 2023 – New Vehicles, New Bids!

The Auction

February 15 through February 19

Bids accepted from 10:00 CET through 23:00 CET (UTC+1)

The auction is returning with five exceptional lots. Each lot will be available for one day only, running from February 15 through February 19, and is not to be missed: In every lot, you’ll find a powerful high-tier vehicle with a unique playstyle and a significant collector value. Expect both brand-new tanks as well as classics, with some based on myths and legends from around the world!

Every lot will be put on an open auction, meaning that, at any moment while it‘s active, you will see the number of bids made and (once the number of bids exceeds the number of items available) the competitive bid. Each lot will have a single designated in-game currency—gold, credits, or Free XP—in which your bids will be accepted.

Accessing the Auction

You can enter the auction via the special page in the in-game Store. Make sure to visit it (at least) daily while the auction is active!

Auction Mechanics

1. Once you’re on the auction screen, you can bid what you’re willing to pay for the lot. This amount will automatically be deducted from your account.

If the cost of a lot is specified in gold, the use of credits or Free XP will not be possible, and vice versa.

2. If you decide to change or cancel your bid, you are free to do so while the lot is active. After that, bids cannot be modified or canceled, and no new bids will be accepted. If you cancel a bid, the spent amount of gold, credits, or Free XP will be returned to your account. Bids will be returned, and lots will be credited to the auction winners within four hours after the deadline for accepting bids.

3. The number of winning players will depend on the number of items available. If multiple players make the lowest winning bid and there are more of these players than items to be distributed, the players who made the bids earliest will be awarded the item.

Example: If 700 auction participants made identical lowest winning bids, and if there are only 500 items to be distributed, the 500 earliest bids will win.

4. This time, every lot will be sold at an open auction. This means that in addition to the lot’s contents, the number of available items, the minimum bid, and the deadline for accepting new bids, you will see the number of bids that have already been made and the competitive (median) bid (after the number of bids has exceeded the number of available items).

5. The winners will receive their goods. The remaining auction participants receive their bids back in full.

6. Items won in the auction are non-refundable.

Keep your eyes (and your in-game coffers) open for a chance to obtain very rare and valuable vehicles, Commanders!

27 thoughts on “WoT: Auction 2023 – New Vehicles, New Bids!

      1. Meanwhile those who are smart knows both auctions were coming and made their decision based on that knowledge. You cant have everything if you are casual player and thats perfectly okay to me.

  1. This is just stupid from a business point of view. Leaving the moralizing out of it, players are either going to be tapped out from Holiday Ops, the Lion extravaganza, or are saving their resources for Clan Wars. Give it a couple of months before running an “event” like this.

      1. Yep, Players aren’t going to buy any gold if they’ve still got tens or hundreds of thousands gold they got in loot boxes. They need to sell a lot more than 30k Lions (or however many) to clear out all the excess gold sitting in accounts

    1. @shrike58 are you at some naive dummy??

      WG want you spend and spend have nothing left so you have to spend real money on more gold and credits.

      Why would they wait??

      1. I’m 64 years old and can tap deeper wells of cynicism than you can ever imagine. Granting you the time of day, maybe what this does illustrate is WG’s level of desperation. I’m not sure it’s what sober management would do if they really had an interest in the long-term health of their property; the end is near so cash in.

  2. Youtube comments screeching fomo, this howling empty accounts…
    Me and the majority of players that’ll take place in this auction: “Finally something to spend my vast reserves on, since there is literally FA else to spend it on.”

    1. Exactly. My unpopular opinion is that there’s no such thing as FOMO in wot anymore. WarGaming has proven time and time again that eeeverything has a price.From the T59 to the PZ II J.
      Due to the gold inflation we have now I’ll probably skip this auction as well, and just wait for the Trading caravan or daily offers events where you can grab some tanks for a slight discount.

      It’ll all be on sale again at some point, including the lion and 780. The whiners just don’t have the patience and want everything and want it now!
      Honestly, I like that there are events like this every couple of weeks because there’s something for everybody. You shouldn’t be buying in to every single event.

  3. Cant wait to pump up the prices with my homies and then cancel the bid, congrats WG for making this an open auction hope you guys will get that well deserved cash from Fort Knox buyers 🙂

      1. Good luck with that accomplishment!
        I would suggest that you put 70k – just to be sure that you will get it 😉

  4. I have enough shitty premium tanks that I don’t play because they’re trash. In don’t need or want anymore 🖕🏼

  5. Hell WG has really turned itself into a cheap whore, their money greediness is overwhelming. Good tanks used by idiots are still useless, I farm T95 chieftains and Lions obtained but idiots thinking they are the win all tanks and the 780 didn’t stand a chance either.
    They can shove their auction deep up there there next to the Lion and their stupid ideas

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